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  1. removing quench pads

    thanks alot for the reply ,yes i'll be decking the head to increase compression and the fuel i'll be using will be c16
  2. what are your thoughts on removing the quench pads in a sr20ve head being built for high boost aiming for 800-900hp there have been many debates but no solid grounds towards the benefits in gaining more power or preventing detonation anyone care to share ,whether its beneficial to high hp engines or lower hp engines as compared to not removing it
  3. I have a basic idea what a girdle does ,but what benefits does the plazmaman billet girdle have and is it necessary ,what difference can it make and is it worth it to spend that much on a part provided that you already have a fully built engine ? I've searched everywhere and cant seem to find any information regarding this part ,please share your input but I'd really like feedback and reviews from actual people that used the product that way there won't be assumptions. thanks redsled.
  4. I would not have a clue I let my tuner take care of all that stuff Never had a single problem with it tho so every time you gotta change plugs you are going by your tuner , how can you not know what your tuner is doing with your car ? anyhow i believe you are suppose to use resistor type plugs to avoid frying your ignition box
  5. what brand and type of plugs are required with the m&w and aem pencil coils ? because i've also heard of some people frying their m&w by using the wrong plugs
  6. upgrading my ignition with the Honda CBR coils as i believe they're better than the AEM pencil coils what i'm trying to figure out is what model and year are the ones that works best with an sr20 from my research i've found the 2008 CBR 1000 RR coils that work anyone with personal experience or who are running the CBR coils care to help
  7. how is boost response with the haltech unit and how much boost can it handle i've heard that the greddy unit cant handle above 30psi , boost starts too creep are there any disadvantage or negative feedback concerning the haltech unit ?
  8. presently i've got a greddy profec b 2 ebc , so far i've gotten 22psi of boost perfectly now i'm contemplating if to sell my profec b and buy a haltech boost solenoid as i already have a haltech e8 which one is the better unit , in terms of reliability,strenght and holding high and consistent amounts of boost ?
  9. 9-1 or 8.5-1 pistons

    thanks for the reply i believe with 8.5-1 it raises CR to 9.3-1
  10. well i have basically acquired all my parts for the p11 sr20ve head conversion onto a s14sr20det block what i'd like to know is, if i use the 9-1 cr valve relief pistons with a 1.2 mm headgasket with both the head and the block decked 4mm will the valves in any way come into contact with the pistons with the stock p11 cams or with the p12 cams ? i know the N1 cams make the valves touch the pistons ,what about the sr16cams? presently i have the options of both the 8.5-1 and the 9-1 pistons available ,brand i'm using are JE Pistons in my limited knowledge i believe the 9-1 pistons will make the same power but with less boost leaving more room for more power to be made
  11. is a ve head worth it ?

    why do you guys keep commenting on cost rather than a constructive comment that'll be beneficial towards myself and others embarking on doing a swap the purpose of this thread is find out all the finer details that are not listed with other guys swap presently most of my parts are already ordered and i already have all the other supporting mods the purpose of this build is not for the highest hp or prettiest engine but a personal accomplishment this is not the first engine i'll be building but the first swap and basically its a straight foward swap with all the right parts which i've acquired i'm just trying to relate different ideas across the board for your thoughts and opinions on what will work and what will not but its good for viewers to have an idea of how much money a swap can run you into
  12. is a ve head worth it ?

    spoke to mazworx concerning the crank pulley and they said they machine their pulley to work with a ve spacer or aftermaket one ,the det crank pulley will work but it'll be misaligned with the other pulley thats why you got to machine it presently i trying different ideas as to where to machine in the pulley and what spacer to use - the easiest and safest way
  13. is a ve head worth it ?

    just throwing up an idea i've got what if i use the ve spacer since its slightly longer and i machine just the end of the shaft of the crank pulley