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  1. Price : $2,500 Condition : Used Have for sale my Big Brake kit off my S15, it did less than 1000km, braking power is unreal Complete kit. Fronts -Wilwoods Front 345mm slotted, -Yellow EBC pads -HEL braided lines - all the brackets required to make it a complete direct bolt on no mess Rears -Wilwood rotors 320mm slotted -Wilwood Brake pads -Hel Braided lines -Wilwood hand brake cable - All the brackets and pieces to make it a direct bolt on forced to sell, need the money. The price is firm, not willing to negotiate. will fit most S chassy
  2. 4500rpm it ramps up to 22psi and the AFR is 12 the entire way until redline, cams were dialed in and left at 0, i'll plug the the laptop in to have a look at the ignition timing map. still pretty happy with how the car drives, just need to diagnose why its not making the power it should be on e85 and the amount of boost its running
  3. Make and model: SR20 s15 Size of engine: 2l JE forge piston and nitto headgasket low comp ratio build Modifications to the car: E85, haltech ps1000, 1200cc JEC injectors Type of turbo:precision 5558 Rear Exhaust housing: 0.63 When does vehicle begin boost: 2000 When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 4400rpm 22psi Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; yes What brand: Brian crower What lift/duration etc: 272 Max power achieve at what boost: 270kw @ 22psi rising to 25psi still having problems, will hop on the dyno after some minor things are fixed
  4. thanks guys, the compression was done cold he said. the car came back today with 270kw on a precision 5558, running 22psi rising to 25psi by redline. he doesnt know why its making such low power, he put 4-8 degrees of timing and still no response in power changes. he said it should be making atleast 300kw at this kind of boost on a stock unopened SR20. any idea or thoughts? it sees 22psi by 4500rpm, 270kw and 500nm torque
  5. BOV question

    stock ones can only hold so much boost before they leak, unless u do the screw mod as above ^. go fast bit make a direct replacement that plumbs back and u can change it to atmo
  6. Price : $350 Condition : Used Nismo 740cc injectors SR20 Side feed direct bolt on, was running on a 230kw setup - $400 firm Splitfire Coil packs to suit s14 s15. bought from 999 $525 literally yesterday and was used to to make 240kw run have receipt -$350! FIRM!
  7. assuming it was cold, will ask him tomorrow. i have heard bigger cams causing a lower comp reading because of overlap. car drives extremely well though, wouldnt have guessed it to be sitting at that kind of comp. beats me, i guess i'll take advantage of the low comp build and push more boost through it