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  1. :lol: That was the plan. Looks really cool man, Can't wait till its finished.
  2. I'm sorry my reply was not enough, We need to go bigger. Play this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOtoIBrBAYE Now scroll bitches. Removed like 20 large purple pics. /lolz. PURPLED
  3. f**k yea, That shits way more gansta than $17. Now hurry up and shove the FJ in there.
  4. Like you wouldn't document the most important mod to this car.
  5. bike rider killed

    Lets not stray from the fact a man has died, This thread doesn't need to turn sour because people have conflicting beliefs. RIP
  6. bike rider killed

    this isnt personal, but that that idea is so f**ked up. (assuming you mean motorbikes) They always come off second best in accidents, having seen the aftermath of a couple (bike vs. B-double truck, bike vs tree, bike vs guard rail), it seems only logical, not wanting to punish bike riders for others stupidity, but something has to change. Whether or not it means banning them from certain roads/times/whatever, or creating specific lanes, i don't know. You know I love you, But that post was plain retarded. That's like telling people who love surfing not to because they might get eaten by a shark. Or skydivers not to jump in case the shoot doesn't open. Or better yet, What if I said this Guys with tattoo's always look lower class than others, Having seen a couple of guys with really bad tattoos it only seems logical to ban them. I'm not wanting to punish guys with good tattoos, But something has to change. Whether or not it means banning them from certain areas of the body, Or creating specific places for them to get it done, I don't know. Riders ride because they love it, They know the risk, They know chances are it will be someone else's fault if they come off. Doesn't mean you get to deny them their love.
  7. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Lol, QSing is so shit on MW2/BO its way too f**king easy and just boring, They dropped the randomness of the bullets so it was a point and shoot and aim assist would do the rest. You are not allowed to comment on QSing unless you mastered in on CoD4, That took skill. Hitting someone with the M40 or Rem7 felt gratifying, Hitting someone with a intervention felt like a one shot assault rifle. We were feared in CoD4, Now every noob and his dog are able to do it, IW only wants sales not quality, You can't blame them though. In short, This will be shit as Raven Software are doing the MP and in no way are they capable of making a decent game. These are the guys killed the Quake series and will kill whats left of the dying CoD series.
  8. The Kool Kids Klub

    wtf?? how can it be the prequel when it continues on from the first one. sequel f**k me, How did that happen. And why did no one pick up on it? See kids, This is why you don't post after 12AM. Oh and,
  9. The Kool Kids Klub

    f**k me 1am comes so flipping fast these days, Night all. I'm Audi. Oh yes, I went there.
  10. The Kool Kids Klub

    Touche sir, Touche.
  11. The Kool Kids Klub

    Stop trying to over analyze everything, Not everything needs to be complicated.
  12. The Kool Kids Klub

    All this random chatter is getting away from the real subject, Serious14_guy, Info on what the f**k that actually is?
  13. The Kool Kids Klub

    Don't you go to RMIT? It cant be that hard, When there is a 7 use a 4, When there is a 6 use a 3, When there is a 5 use a 2.
  14. The Kool Kids Klub

    Sorry just seen this, First question, What the f**k is a DNLA? A networking standard so media related things stream together nicely without bitching too much. So you can go from Computer to Phone to Console / etc with the principle of 'plug and play' but we all know that never works. Did you seriously think I had no clue what it was than gave an answer? It's called a Digital Living Network Alliance not Digital Network Living Alliance