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  1. New Workshop Recently Opened

    That its mate, i try to run the place to how i would like to be treated as a customer. I highly dislike shops that think there top shit, just because there mates with someone whos a sicko drifter or grip racer etc. It seems to happen alot these day.. Luckily we dont just cater for drift/race cars. We cater for daily driven cars, aus delivered and imports, hence the reason for our later opening hours, like i said before, were here most nights till late. BUt in saying that, we do have familys and home to go to lol. Cheers again guys
  2. New Workshop Recently Opened

    No worries bro.
  3. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Matsuri special If you damaged or broke your car at this week end at matsuri, which unfortunatelly quite a few people did. Drop into SideWays to receive a 10% discount on all parts and labour. Jus tryna help a brother out. Regards, SW Guys.
  4. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Also, Feel free to 'Like' our facebook page, as website is on its way still. http://www.facebook.com/pages/SideWays-Automotive/211412368901014?ref=ts
  5. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Yes we have a company drift car, but its definatelly on the backburner as we already have 6 cars in the shop on the go at the moment.. The 33 was already built before the workshop opened so its pretty much where the owner want it and it doesnt cost him anything to have it sitting there.. We'll be looking to have an official open day in the coming weeks with big BBQ and open shop.. With special offers available.. Will keep everyone informed. Thanks again guys, will post up link to tyre prices tomorrow..
  6. New Workshop Recently Opened

    THIS. f**kin hate this shit. majority of import shops are like this, makes you feel like a dick when you go in there cos you don't fit in with the click. Yep, I myself know the feeling. And its something that is not going to happen. As I dont have any friends......... Well I do but yeh.. Anyways, Tyre Machine and wheel balancer getting setup tonight.. And tyre stocks coming in later in the week.. Feddy, Neutons and Jinyus/Evergreens... Best Prices.
  7. 2 Quick Inquiries

    Hey bud, is it just the gutter rash? or are the rims needing re rolling? If just rash, my step dad owns a metal polishing/resto business and i can get them cleaned up to mintiness. and also can get the centres powdercoated through a good mate. PM me if interested.. Im also pretty sure the cradle bushes are the same.. i think.. lol.. are they the slip in ones of proper ones?
  8. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Yeh guys got a qualified mech down here. Also qualified welder. Opening hours are 9 - 6pm, but most days were here till 9pm. Thanks again.
  9. Regency mechanical checks?

    Best bet is to fix most bits you can see yourself look dodgy.. Then send it in and get a list, sometimes the easiest way. If you have any probs bud send me a pm and we can work something out with helping you out as we have prepared a fair few cars for Regency.. Cheers
  10. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Thanks Jason. Were looking at having a Big open day soon and welcoming everyone down. Just a matter of picking a good weekend, with Matsuri etc coming up. Everyone focus is on that so looking to do something in the following weekends. It is Joels shop Hally ;-)
  11. New Workshop Recently Opened

    i know you have that ted guy to do websites and stuff, but i know a guy that designed our website, and my mums business's website, great bloke, try him out http://www.talalelmawey.com/ tell him Joseph sent you already had a pm from him. gonna organise something with in the next few days..
  12. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Just purchased a new tyre machine and wheel balancer. So get in to see what specials we can do you for tyres and fitting.
  13. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Hey guys, thanks for the input. We have actually done a few defect clearences already. And are more than happy to do many more. All pms have been replied too and look forward to further communication.
  14. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Fours n More are just up the road. Great guys.. I beleive they deal with alot of toyota stuff.. Sideways deals with Any models, Nissan, Toyotas, everything.
  15. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Yeh bud, currently searching for someone to make us a website.. If you or anyone knows someone to help us us, let us know.. Thanks.. Thanks