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  1. Cabin (pollen) air filter

    Hey mate, you shouldn't have any dramas with these guys. Bought the pollen filter last year and delivery came within the week. Product was spot on - direct install, out with the old and in with the new.
  2. tax times fun times

    hard to feel sorry for ya if you paid 30 you earnt a shit tone more then me lol i had so spend 6months working in the outback in 40+ degree heat though for 2 weeks straight at a time so you should feel a little sorry haha That's a dream job, I spend 4 weeks away in the north west (pilbara) and it gets 50+ there. Wish I had a 2weeks on roster. 4 weeks on is such a long roster, would kill to get a very long break. I do a 8/6 roster, for me I find that it is probably the best work/life roster available out there. Temps don't get above 50 where I work, west QLD. But it does get very hot in summer.
  3. Hey mate, can help you out with the part number but I'm currently on site and dont have it available. There are 2 different models for the central console that being that GT model and normal one spec s/r versions. Are you chasing the spec s/r part numbers? Don't have the GT console p/n available. Best to go to Nissan with your VIN # to identify the correct part #
  4. Nissan should have it in stock. Ordered a set of these in the morning and they shortly came in during the arvo. Those pad retainers are for the rears, front calipers don't use these.
  5. Shouldn't really matter. The ohm setting just shows the reading of resistance below the interval you set it as. For instance, if its set at 200 ohms, it will have a reading for resistance less than 200 ohms. Anything higher it will be 1. Just increase the resistance interval higher until you have a proper reading.
  6. Hey mate, easiest way to check if your coilpacks are gone is to pull the connector of each coil pack indivually while the car is on. If the idle changes then that coilpack is working fine, however if the idle doesn't change - that coilpack is gone. Problem with the coilpacks are that once they are hot, they may cause issues with backfiring and dropping cylinders. Although the coilpacks seem fine when cold, you should test out your friends coilpacks when it's hot to make sure their working fine. Alternatively, you can test them with a multimeter; there are 3 pins on the terminal - 3,2,1 (with the coilpack terminal facing you)
  7. Recently ordered the new Razer Tiamat 7.1 surround sound. Been out of stock in vic for a while now. Its got 10 discrete drivers and requires a 7.1 channel sound card.
  8. s15 battery hole

    In Vic it is illegal to have a hole through the battery tray. Was in the same situation like you a few years back. Your best bet would be getting a crossover intercooler like the ARC kits or the gktech intercoolers then cover the battery hole with a bigger battery.
  9. Ground Control on S15

    I believe what I paid for the eibach springs from japan a few months ago were about ~450$ delievered through streeter. As for the Koni's, try Car Torque Products in SA - they were by far the cheapest I've been quoted in aus. Don't bother with the Bilsteins, I've waited for about half a year from Germany through the main Aus distributer in Sydney and they are still on backorder... gahhhh =/ There is no way you can get the rear bilstiens anywere in AUS, fronts are in stock though. Production dates have not been set either and there have been over a dozen backorders with the rear shock for S15s. Cutting the strut housing is required to fit the Koni or Bilstein:- http://driftninjaz.com/blogthis/?p=12
  10. Price : $600 Condition : Used PRICE DROP $700 ono. Happy to ship interstate provided buyer pays for freight. Need these gone guys!! Hey guys, Up for sale are 18" SSW Stamford rims and tyres with black spokes and chrome deep dish. Selling as I already made way for other set of wheels. Tyres are wrapped in Neuton NT5000 front and rear. They are staggered sets: Fronts = 18x8, 225/40/18 - about 70-80% tread Rear = 18x9, 235/40/18 - just above wear indicator Bolt pattern = 5 x 114.3 (5 stud) Unsure about offset, though they sit quite flush on my S15 with the standard guards and stock suspension, please refer to pic!! . No guard work is required. Notes: *There is a slight gutter rash on one of the rear rims, not really noticable on the photos *Front tyres are still fine however, rear tyres will need replacing soon as it sits just above wear indicator PRICE: $900 ONO, PICK UP in S.E suburbs VIC or can post provided if buyer pays for freight Also for sale is a 3" exhaust muffler: $50 In good working order no dents/scratches Contact: 0422 067 237. PM/SMS or call Cheers, Jack
  11. Timing chain kit - where to buy?

    Taark will steer you in the right direction http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=519213&st=0&p=6597330entry6597330
  12. ^ Had an apexi induction box and you couldn't even see the overflow bottle. Sold it, now running an APS intake duct which feeds air from the guard with a relocated radiator bottle. Was luckily enough to get my hands on one of these, as they have been discontinued over 10 years ago
  13. Time attack peeps - Let's talk Tyres

    I don't think you have seen the tyres we are refering to here ie the Kumko Z214 and Hankook V710, they maybe DOT rated but it would be difficult to argue how legal they are on our road. FYI I have seen both, you mean the kumho v710 and hankook z214. Both tyres as stated from tirerack are TRACK and COMPETITION DOT meaning that are are not legal to run the on roads and it would be silly to run them due to their low treadwear rating. Proof from the manufacturer: To be legal for use on public roads Australia, passenger car tyres must comply with at least one of the following standards: 1. U.S.A. - indicated by "DOT" marking, 2. European - indicated by "E" marking, or 3. Japanese Industry - indicated by "JIS" marking. Some tyres have all three of the markings mentioned above. To be legal for use on public roads Australia, tyres need to have at least one of these markings. Therefore, tyres can be legal for use on public roads in Australia and not have "DOT" markings. The legality issues with the tyre / wheel combination you purchase in the US will relate to the vehicle you intend to fit them to. You will need to ensure that the wheel / tyre combination you purchase meets the regulations for alternative tyres & wheels applicable to your state or territory. There is a list of these on the Toyo website in the Technical Bulletins section. One regulation that applies in all states relates to the minimum load index. The load index on the tyres you intend to fit to your vehicle must have at least the minimum load index stated on the tyre placard affixed to your vehicle. Regards, Stephen Burke, Tyre Technical Officer, Motor Sport Liaison Officer, Toyo Tyre & Rubber Australia Limited.
  14. Time attack peeps - Let's talk Tyres

    I'v been on tire rack before, but i can't work out how to get a postage quote to us in Australia, do i have to email them or something?? Yeah, just shoot them an email... They're pretty prompt with their replies too. I would assume they get a lot of enquiries from Australia. sweet as, i might swing them one right now.. cheers dude Bought a set of goodyears assymetric 2 tyres of tirerack 2 months ago, can't be any happier with their service. I've emailed Marshall Wisler - marshall@tirerack.com Tyres got delivered to door in about 5 days. They don't accept Paypal or credit card, you have to do a wire transfer from your bank. Please be aware that the Hankook Z214 are not road legal. DOT being for Department of Transport is a USA standard but this does not give it road legal status in Australia. Same goes with Kumho V710, check these out they are same style as Hankook Z214. If you drive these on the street, the cops will jump all over you and end up in trouble. On the track these style of tyres are awesome and perfectly suited to hillclimbs, motokhana's and sprints. Just be sure to check your class rules on tyres as running these "grooved slicks" will normally put you in another class with cars running slicks. I ran Kumho V710 for 9 Supersprint events last year and they were brilliant, Quick to warm up, excellent grip and great wear rate. Awesome value for money as a set only costs approx $1300. Sometimes cheaper if on sale from Kumho dealers. AFAIK, correct me if im wrong, you can use any tyre in Australia and comply with the ADR requirements provided that they comply with the 'DOT' (USA), 'E' (European) and JIS (Japanese). Australia does have not their own standard, refer to ADR 23/00