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  1. Rego transfer in ACT.

    Have to take it over the pits in dickson if your changing from out of state rego. Good luck.
  2. skidpan day

    Gone back to the subaru's KOS? Got the silvia and the legacy, though neither are running atm Ah, I just sold my legacy not that long ago.
  3. skidpan day

    While id be keen i doubt my ae86 will be done anytime soon :*( Gone back to the subaru's KOS?
  4. project Drift Spot

    Its well known that police search this forum and others for things like this regarding street racing/drift.... Need I say more?

    Yeah, the early bird tickets sold out in a day and I couldnt go into landspeed myself on that day to buy them. Had a friend go in there, but they went in too late (even though i told them to go in early) and they couldnt get the cheap ones. Still considering the line-up its not a rip off, unless your one of those cheap people who think paying a 5$ cover charge is too expensive for canberra (Ive got friends like that).

    Yeah I rocked up to foreshore at like 5pm was awsome! people who were there from 12pm were f**ked though, most didn't even bring a jumper... Was watching a bunch of tongan guys diving down the slopes... they cleaned up a bunch of people but it looked like soo much fun! Yeah, saw lots of people doing that, security was kicking them out eventually. I was there from like 10-11 AM, luckily me and my mate went and got some poncho's from K-Mart before hand, people were seriously offering us $50 for them, crazy. Once the rain ended it was nicer though, hoping it doesnt rain like that this year.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Does this gig have Trance? Thats is not expensive. $141.60 for Sensation White NYE. Sorry, i should be more specific, its too expensive for what you get. Ive already seen alot of the bands on the lineup, plus the DJ's there arent usually what I like. I just payed $97.45 for my Foreshore ticket however, that looks better imo. And I had heaps of fun last year even with the rain and mud.

    Too expensive for my tastes this year, its been a let down the last few years. Im not willing to pay 65-75 bucks this time for the same thing.
  9. LOL, i haven't seen any car being ready. Best thing is to take it to the track, drive around and then you can really tell what your car need and does not need. I ment ready as in, ill finally have the engine and driveline installed
  10. Might be interested if my sprinter is ready by then.
  11. BP Ultimate

    All the shell servo's in belco that ive been too have been out of V-Power for like a couple of weeks, almost a month now i think. Luckily the servo out at the airport still has 98 octane fuel for sale.
  12. Just trying to find out if anyone knows of any RAWS approved workshops who can do a compliance check and do a used compliance plate etc.... anyone know of any in the ACT, or somewhere nearby in NSW?
  13. speeding right past a cop car, stupid stupid

    You know they cant actually book you for speeding without proof of a speed camera read out or if they we're tailing you at speed for a certain amount of time, like 5-10 seconds. They only traffic offence i know that cops dont need any evidence on is tail gating. If you ever get pulled over by a cop never admit to speeding and if he says you we're ask to see the speed reading on his rader (most cop cars have these fitted on them these days). FYI if you admit to speeding he doesnt need evidence, thats why cops always ask "do you know what i pulled you over for?" or "So how fast we're you going?" questions when they pull you over. I used to get pulled over all the time when i had my s13 a couple of years ago.
  14. speeding right past a cop car, stupid stupid

    I know of 2 guys in canberra who drift. I know Rob who drives a 180 is on initial drift. And theres another guy who drifts a red 86, hes on the ae86dc forums. Initial Drift is your best place to start at however. But to be honest i dont really see how someone on their P's could afford to do it regulary. Your gonna need to spend a good amount of money on tires, and after a while your gonna start breaking lots of stuff unless you upgrade alot of parts. I would think it'd be hard for someone on their P's to afford that unless they already had a good high paying job.
  15. speeding right past a cop car, stupid stupid

    You could always go to drift days by yourself. Just fill your car with spare tires and a good jack. And expect to be forking out a butt load of money every time you go.