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  1. Finally got her back still deciding what wheels to get
  2. My S15 Build- Shut the twin gates

    chea is a boss, im always happy woth the serivce there
  3. i woke up once with this big bird next to me cant remember anything... i felt used and abused
  4. 300+rwkw project

  5. 300+rwkw project

    you taking this bad boy to the end of year cruise?
  6. check the top of the fuel tank acces point, o ring etc
  7. i like torque i mean RB30's
  8. red light cameras..

    red light camera means that if you go through the light while its red you will be fined. naaah daahhh
  9. Your car - what's happening?

    Sorry to hear that mate I really do hope it all works out well for u Trust me I know how it feels and believe me when I tell u this I've gone had it even worst thanks mate, i really hope i have it before christmas
  10. Rarities - Stuff I've found or Bargains

    and it says 1 has been sold before.. so when does the new model come out?