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  1. Finally got her back still deciding what wheels to get
  2. My S15 Build- Shut the twin gates

    chea is a boss, im always happy woth the serivce there
  3. i woke up once with this big bird next to me cant remember anything... i felt used and abused
  4. 300+rwkw project

  5. 300+rwkw project

    you taking this bad boy to the end of year cruise?
  6. check the top of the fuel tank acces point, o ring etc
  7. i like torque i mean RB30's
  8. red light cameras..

    red light camera means that if you go through the light while its red you will be fined. naaah daahhh
  9. Your car - what's happening?

    Sorry to hear that mate I really do hope it all works out well for u Trust me I know how it feels and believe me when I tell u this I've gone had it even worst thanks mate, i really hope i have it before christmas
  10. Rarities - Stuff I've found or Bargains

    and it says 1 has been sold before.. so when does the new model come out?
  11. i think your form may also have something to do with it. sometimes shorter / strick movements work really welll for targeting a certain muscle..
  12. Ross balancers

    yeah if the motor is unopened it should be fine... its when all the aftermarket bits go in you really need to balance it.
  13. Ross balancers

    im running a Ross on both my Rb30's important part is the balancing when building the motor
  14. Your car - what's happening?

    i wish i could get my car soon.. been at a paint shop in Moorebank since start of MAY... i am so upset/angry with the guy that has taken my money and played with my emotions.. its getting to the point where im gonna forget about the money and start swinging
  15. New RTA system ?

    yes its very confusing... even the RTA or whatever they call them selfs now days dont know whats going on.
  16. Clutch issues? advice

    just go like a Jim berry or NPC single plate clutch.. good for 400rwkw in a RB30 and cost anywhere for $750-$1250.. australian made too!

    seen some holden drags cars with that them back in the 90's
  18. max rep points for the Siliva was that a R35 GTR i saw you pass
  19. Cant start F/S thread?

    all the sales classifields have changed... i want the old version back too