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  1. All Japan Day Sydney - we're back!

    Hmm to enter or not to enter.....
  2. Tough JDM S15

    Hey guys, A bit of a update for all Finally after a long 9 months the car is running with a brand new built engine, turbo setup, inlet setup, fuel system setup, interior and exterior modifications. Re-ran a complete new fuel setup with teflon braid absolutely everywhere. Changed the Ikeya Formula quad throttle bodied setup to a Hypertune plenum, throttle body and oversized rail. New intercooler/air filter and dump piping Few more interior modifications Origin roof and trunk spoilers Unfortunately Haltech products arent as good as I thought, being faulty without an answer multiable times so ripped it all out and now running MOTEC everything, including upgrading the Splitfire coils to a MOTEC CDI unit with Denso motorbike direct coils whilst I was at it. All in all, currently set on its first 1000km tune with a healthy 316.9kw on 1.2bar (17.4psi). Once some more parts from Japan arrived and fitted I will wind it up to what its got. Should be good....I hope!!
  3. I'd say Travel Lodge, Blacktown too. That's where everyone seems to stay. We until the Eastern Creek Hotel is built.
  4. Can you get black Meisters with polished lip?
  5. Do you have Meisters black centre with polished lip in stock?
  6. Tough JDM S15

    Haha nah I do have the passenger seat. Just didnt have it in. I have only just dropped it off for its run in tune on the brand new engine/turbo/ecu setup so I'll let you know how I go.
  7. Tough JDM S15

    Some photos for everyone.
  8. Tough JDM S15

    Finally I'm in the final stages of putting the car back together then it's off for it's run in tune.
  9. Tough JDM S15

    Thanks. I have kept the full JDM appeal to it.
  10. Tough JDM S15

    he means ages lol..... White s15's are the best Haha yeah white S15's are hot. I am hoping this one will be fast too once I get it all running again haha
  11. Tough JDM S15

    I would have loved to dude but its still in pieces. Next one for sure
  12. Hey all

    I bought the car mostly as is but I have spend another $25k on it since and now its getting a overhaul of $20k+
  13. Tough JDM S15

    Update for everyone. The engine has been out since SuperLap at Eastern Creek getting built by Wilkins Engineering and Powertune Australia. A massive thank you to both of them as they have done great work with the killer setup I supplied them with. After doing more modifications to the engine bay, the driveline, brakes, interior and a questionable E85 fuel setup, I will be dropping the block back in. Also have to sort out what turbo I am going to run as I have sold the setups I had. I will post photos up next week. Thanks Matt
  14. Hey all

  15. Tough JDM S15

    My mates from City Performance made that setup....sweet isnt it?? The police love it too haha