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  1. Fabrication work on alloy cooler piping

    ask Greg (gktech) if he'll sell you some pipes from his no holes FMIC kit.
  2. blown piston rings. boost pressure is blowing past the cylinders causing oil to come out ya dipstick.
  3. anglomoil roadmaster 500

    can anyone tell me where i can get this roadmaster stuff locally in vic?!
  4. Time Attack Leader Board VIC

    Date: 14/6/2010 ns nickname: krayzie180 Car Make and Model: 1994 180sx Circuit Name: winton Lap time: 1:45.8070 Timing method:natsoft Modifications 2871R + cams Engine: stock with supporting mods Power: 200-210 @ 1bar Suspension: koni shocks/rsr 3k springs, sway/strutbars Tyres: kuhmo 225/45s ku31 front, ku36 rear Brakes: front r33 gtst,rear stock Other: street registered Car weight: full street trim + passenger Natsoft Link
  5. is it true that if u weld that clip in place it renders the shaft useless for future rebuilds!?
  6. i've managed to fit a small sized washing machine in the back of my 180.. try doin that in an s15
  7. Clutch/GBox problem?

    I was at Ants place the other day trying to help him figure out whats causing this issue.. From what i see, there isn't any issues with the clutch disengaging. if this was the case, he would have limited throw on the slave cylinder and gears would most likely crunch. the problem Anto is having is selecting gears when the car is stationary, and has been getting progressively worse. A recent dyno tune has made this issue significantly worse. according to the nissan s15 service manual for manual transmission: s15 manual transmission MT-6 troubleshooting "Hard to shift/will not shift" is can be cause by either oil - too much oil.. or wrong type of oil. or Bulk Ring - damaged or worn Insert Spring - damaged We have already ruled out Oil. Level is fine, and he's using the correct type of oil. This now points to MT-31 - Main Shaft. as this is affecting selection of All GEARS. each individual gear is fine.. question is now where to go from here.. i'm guessing the only way to find out is to pull the box apart. from what i gather a full gearbox reco shouldn't be necessary. what other options are there?!
  8. Gearbox specialist

    Guys, in need on a gearbox specialist in sth east.. Preferably someone who has an idea of s15 boxes, and the circlip mod for the 3rd/4th gear issue... Can anyone make some recomendations!? thanks
  9. Tyre inflator killed my wheel

    why didn't u use the cheesecutter spare wheel!?
  10. ok, so i'm planning on going to a trackday and want to upgrade pads.. i want to run ebc reds (cause i can get em for a descent price, else i'd be looking at QFMs) and the http://www.ebcbrakes.com.au/index.php/pads.html site says bed in can take up to 1600kms... basically i dont think i'll be able to bed them in properly before the track day.. are there any issues with bedding them in on the track?!
  11. Major Oil Leak! Help!

    a 3 claw pulley helps. supercheap wanted $75 for a pulley (that can handle bigger than 100mm). I bought one off ebay for around $30 delivered. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/6-THREE-JAWS-BEARING-GEAR-PULLER-REMOVER-DROP-FORGED-/290439997586?cmd=ViewItem&pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item439f92a892
  12. kris's A31 Cefiro

    pics of 31 with superlites pls
  13. Help... 180 and type x lights.

    just add some fat spacers behind the lock
  14. google is ur friend http://forums.nicoclub.com/s13-vacuum-diagram-t305170.html
  15. Defected - height

    i got done for the same thing last year.. i've got lowered springs and shocks, so raising it wasn't possible.. i took a chance and just went to vicroads to see if they would notice.. i got this young dude who came out with his magic stick and bam, failed hitting my exhaust (only by about 10mm).. He said, 'i'll just pretend i didn't see that' and cleared the defect anyway