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  1. car crash!

    hey guy's that was my friend who was on the bike... i guess you could say hes ok but wont be leaving the hospital anytime soon. and for all those dicks who write shit about not worrying about the bike and the car, you guys are such dicks.
  2. ninja 250

    yea just for that ahahahah but im not only one using this account anyway
  3. ninja 250

    cbr250rr isn't the fastest 250 4stroke around, i had a zx2r grey import and that killed the rr anyday top speed for rr is 180ish and my zx2r was 210. i've dragged my friends before and they had no chance and for handling there pretty much the same
  4. anyone missing a 33?

    that was a friends friend that i know, he was selling it due to buying a hilux for his work. it was uninsured and sitting at the front on the main street for few months now, then along came gang of 49 and that's where it ended up lol NO INSURANCE!!!
  5. Any Supermoto Riders?

    hey mate, if you are interested in a bike cruise. give me a call on 0401 496 485 we are having a bike cruise tomorrow night. cheers.