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  1. Rant about canberra

    ive got some stuff at work that should get the house paint off without ruining your paint, that's if you haven't already sorted the issue
  2. show numberplates guy

    capitol signs in fyshwick, 100 bucks for a set
  3. ACT Rides

    didnt you homos realise noone thinks big of you street racing
  4. I'm looking for a good mechanics for LPG

    yeah when i went to get an oil feed line for my vl they were more than helpful and knew exactly what they were talking about and the questions and answers from them were to the point no f**king around just good customer service
  5. Silvia routine service

    learning is all good and well if you have the time scott, yeah granted it is not very difficult to service a car once youve done it a few times but if your short on time and havnt done it before and you do a complete service including plugs, fuel filter, oil filter, oil change, air filter, they do take time, especially certain cars fuel filters are quite difficult to get off
  6. I'm looking for a good mechanics for LPG

    as far as i know of there only in tuggers, a friend of mine james (the guy who has the maroon vt v8 calais) used to bring his vl turbo up from the bay and it had microtech etc and they used to tune it and fix all his problems, but i heard a vl turbo came to an end on there dyno recently, but hey shit can happen on any dyno anywhere, i mean look at gus' from national automotives WB ute that dropped the tail shaft at nats and shit lol
  7. Engineers/Technicians

    haha thats mad as, yeh theres a couple good places around but yeh dickson do not like john wilson certs so i would avoid him
  8. I'm looking for a good mechanics for LPG

    gastune in tuggeranong aswell are good from what i hear, gentech are good but also on the expensive side, also try national automotive/ jakes performance
  9. Engineers/Technicians

    Canberra Motor Works - Ray Spence 38 Hoskins St Mitchell ACT Ph. 02 6241 8777 really good and his certs will pass at dickson anytime, id advise staying away from AKZ engineering, aka john wilson
  10. I'm looking for a good mechanics for LPG

    quite common to see early 253 and 308 on fuel, have a look around when u see hq-hz style kingswoods and tonners and look at the plate, alot of them are on LPG
  11. Marulan Drift Day 30th August

    Nice , i look forward to some pics when you get it back. What are you doing it for ie street, track, show etc. my gold calais which is full stripped (what the built motor is going into) is ready for the wiring in the bay hidden, itl be a street/show car but will probly take it down the strip as for pics of it, my 2 calais both look nicer than it does but i do have one pic il upload, ignore the plates tho, am getting it with standard issue ones lol thankfully and this is my baby lol
  12. Marulan Drift Day 30th August

    a vl turbo, aftermarket ecu, t3/4 hi flo, cooler, head work etc, cage. but it comes with a built motor with receipts for over 7k in parts alone, to4e turbo with dump, forward facing plenum, 650cc injectors, motec and some other shit which really need for my main project car, save me a f**kload of cash later on
  13. Marulan Drift Day 30th August

    wont be attending anymore, driving to melb to swap for another car and extras hope you all have fun and thanks for the offer micl.p
  14. Diff

    yeah but if you drive it there on the street and its registered etc there going to look at you a lil funny but worth a try, and im fairly sure diff places would put a spool in it, not weld it. noone except a back yardy is going to weld a diff lol
  15. Diff

    cant u just buy a spool and then get that installed? better than welding