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  1. low blood sugar? Definately see a doctor either way.
  2. In addition to that you can adjust the height of the latch with 3 or so bolts. Sounds like it's either sticking and needs lube, or the latch is too low and not releasing due to pressure. How is it to close? easy enough?
  3. sounds reasonable. Don't forget there is a gearbox mount too that could be gone. I replaced all mine with nismo and it's great. Shifter barely moves.
  4. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    Same here bud... same here. Had one lined up and they wanted $65k. but... it was black and manual.... So if I ever have the cash I will definately try and buy it.
  5. blowing smoke after dyno?

    What colour is the smoke ? White smoke - coolant leak Blueish smoke - burning oil (could be turbo seal, piston rings letting oil through) Black smoke - unburnt fuel When the car is cold and you first start it up, go back to the exhaust and check whether it is blowing smoke and what colour. Then move from there. Unfortunately, anything that happens on the dyno is not covered by the shop but they might help you out if they are a good shop.
  6. I find that you have to change the oil reasonably frequently with the 6spd (mine anyway). I use Castrol in mine and its nice when new. I think it's 80-90W syntrans or something like that. You say it doesn't exist when the car is warm, would this affect the mounts? Another thing could be clutch. Try pump the clutch a few times before you start driving and see if that does anything.
  7. http://rimtuck.com/search/thumbnails&make=Nissan&model=S15&widthf=9&widthr=10 9s at the front 10s at the rear Shouldn't really go any bigger than that. Look at the 9+24 and 10+30 to 34 range for some good camber levels.
  8. I would replace the oil in gearbox to start. That usually helps.
  9. Our loved silvias slowly becoming obsolete

    This is an interesting topic and one I have thought about in a bit of depth. Each time I think "is my car becoming obsolete or too slow", I think to what car I would buy out of the newer cars on the market and how much fun they will be to drive in comparison to the S15. Sure they might be faster but electronic steering is is a lot of new cars, the interior layouts are a bit average, and for me the roof line is too high. I love a car that, when low, actually looks low. Each time I end up keeping my S15. The 86/BRZ did tempt me a little bit but it just doesn't have the looks i'm after. I'm sure the older generation had these types of conversations at the pub before forums/internet was a big thing. Also, this topic of a $20K 35GTR, it's all speculation. Think about the first and only Honda supercar (NSX). How much are they going for 20 years later? yeah stock auto for $60-70K still. And they aren't even massive performers in terms of power etc...
  10. SR questions

    One thing to look for would be to take the coil cover off, pull out a coil pack and see what the hole looks like. From my own experience, an S14 (not sure about 14a) rocker cover has different size and shape holes for the coil packs. If you look at the picture below, the gold RC is an S14, the black is an S15 Now you say you have s13 coil packs? it may actually be S14 as the S15 coils look like these Idle control screw is black, located on the IACV between the air intake and the rocker cover - just left of the "Nissan" on the rocker cover (inline with the "I") - facing the front of the car. You can see there is a large cream coloured circle, just to the top left of that is the idle control screw.
  11. FUSE BOX! HELP! s15 JDM

    Fuse would be in the driver's side kick panel (just to the right of the accelerator). The lid will have what each fuse is, find the fuse for the interior lights, replace, win. Silly question, but did you accidentally press the on/off button for the dome lights? (not sure what middle dome you are talking about but the ones at the front have a button).
  12. Unless they don't know the price of second hand Jap rims? I didn't get my 57F Pros cheaper than rotas, but they sure as hell are better
  13. http://www.cityplastics.com.au/home/ ?? Maybe use a plastic fab company. Or at least get them to look at it and see if they can cut/weld it so it looks the goods. (P.S. I assumed you were in Adelaide)
  14. Any electricians here?

    This thread is great because I am at the exact stage as you are Spazo. Looking into Electrical/Instrumentation. Mate said that anything to do with PLCs is the way forwards in the electrical industry. But then again, air cons will always be around, so refridgeration is a good trade to be in too. Only problem I have found so far is that most places will want you to do a pre-apprenticeship (Cert II Electrotechnology ) and (in WA anyway) you can only do it full time. So this means 2-3 months without current income. Makes it a little difficult (for me anyway). Good luck and I hope it works out.
  15. For me, V-Power runs the best. Caltex stuff is crap and the car always feels sluggish after a fill up. BP is good for me too but knock is slightly higher than V-Power.