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  1. how do i delete my profile?

    please delete my account

    In or Out?
  3. WEST MEET WED 5/08/09

    not goood. did he walk out okay? Last 5 mins at Stadium was crazy, havnt seen a meet that good in ages. Bloody Pigs *shakes fist*
  4. WEST MEET 29/07/09

    boredshitless someonee add me Niiplz@hotmail.com
  5. WEST MEET 22/7/09

    Nahh no problem, i was talking about 'someones' intresting sexual request... if you get what i mean
  6. WEST MEET 22/7/09

    from what i heard maybe a little to well informed haha hahahaahah, stanza was closer to falling in the dumpster!
  7. WEST MEET 22/7/09

    haha yeahh brother still youngg howd you know? thanks for directions last night btw
  8. WEST MEET 22/7/09

    boys anyone heard about this road blitz the jacks got going? this gunna last till meet night, or just the weekend? :S && what happened to the BA UTE?! any damagee?
  9. WEST MEET 22/7/09

    decent night tonight till the jacks camee barley anyone made it to cambo after that.. How many people got done? Hope it rains next week.
  10. West meet 29/04/09

    whipshhh whhipsshhhh Shiieeet few people not comingg... rumor has it roads be frosty tonightt Still 10:30 same spot as last week yeahh??
  11. West meet 29/04/09

    LOL @ Stanzas faceeee
  12. 2Pac Vs. Biggie

    TUPAC FTW! - Hail Mary - Ballard Of A Dead Soldier - Hit Em Up
  13. Drift music!

    OMG Tokyo Drift - Teriyaki Boys No matter what anykent says! im telling you get thay blasting and if you get the FAST AND FURIOUS DRIFT DRIFT DRIFT DRIFT part when your sideways at first i was likee are you kidding mee but no jokee best song to take corners to!!
  14. Best lyrical line

    Tupac - Hail Mary "i aint a killer but dont push me revenge is the sweetest joy next to getting pussy"
  15. SR20 OR CA18

    ahh really? thanks matee ill havee a look