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  1. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Kilometres : 105000 Price : $20,500 Condition : Used - Log books, Standard 200SX, Car Bra included Price: $20,500.00 O.N.O Make: Nissan Model: 200SX Body Type: Coupe (2 door) Year: 2002 Mileage (Km): 105000 Transmission: Manual • One of the last of the Australian Direct Market SPEC R 200SXs which includes factory side skirts, rear spoiler and sunroof. • Presented in Nissan Lightening Yellow (code: EV1) • Genuine log books for 105,000kms. • Major Service completed at 80,000kms which included gearbox and diff oil replacement conducted at Jarrett Nissan Bridgewater. • 2 owners since new • Genuine Nissan 200SX floor mats front and rear • Custom made Car bra which has been used for Adelaide to Melbourne and other highway trips • This car has been meticulously maintained with high quality Meguires car care products since new • No accident or modification history • Premium number plates • Alarm and Immobiliser fitted with standard central locking • Genuine reason for sale: Our second child has arrived • Any inspection is welcome • Can supply Nissan dealer pre sales report • Fantastic bodywork is backed up by an near immaculate interior • Genuine Nissan 18 inch wheels and tyres fitted. • All standard features like: 6 Speed manual, ABS, AC, Power windows\Mirrors • P Plate laws apply in SA, I reserve the right to decline a test drive before sale as high powered vehicle restrictions apply: if you are under the age of 25 until you gain your full drivers licence if you obtained your P1 or P2 licence after 4 September 2010 • Please contact me for further information, photos or to arrange an inspection. • Interstate buyers welcome, please let me know if you require high resolution photos emailed to you http://www.carsales....Max&sort=~Price
  2. Thought i would post up another photo of an stock S15 with 350Z rims. Once the suspension settled it sat quite nicely. Hope this helps others out there.
  3. --- --- --- Like Rmedia on FACEBOOK- Rmedia Facebook Page As this is an Automotive based forum I thought I would post up a few sample shots of my Automotive photography for the SA members. In the next few months there will be a few openings for people who follow or 'like' us on Facebook to receive a FREE photo shoot of their car along with the original images on a DVD for them to use for no cost. Watch our Facebook page for updates on competitions, giveaways and more sample images. Thanks everyone for your time rmedia@internode.on.net ----- -----
  4. Buying (Second Hand) New Engine

    Agree with the rebuild option. Keep what you have and replace- whatever blew. Rings, head gasket, seals, shouldn't be more than $3,000 for a 'stock' rebuild with better gaskets, rings and machining of pistons and walls etc Unless you have 90% (lol) trust in what your buying second hand (ie: no oils leaking, comp test passes, no grime around rocker cover gasket and head etc and in general its in good clean condition)
  5. Thats some good info! Cheers. getting some 235/40's put on all 4 wheels as we speak. Ill post some pictures etc for future reference to help others when they search no worries man. get some pics up when you can. Ive been considering getting smaller profile tyres on the rear of mine. I guess ill wait till i need new tyres haha It was nice to see some constructive genuine help in this thread so here is some photos to help others out. STOCK AUS S15 200SX SPEC R 2002 - Removed stock wheels with 205/55/16 tyres on them Replaced with 18X8 +30 both front and rear 350Z wheels and 235/40/18 Archilles ATR tyres Note* NO guard rolling, this car is not lowered. It has stock suspension as from Nissan dealership And yes, my S15 is in amazing condition 70,000kms
  6. Thats some good info! Cheers. getting some 235/40's put on all 4 wheels as we speak. Ill post some pictures etc for future reference to help others when they search
  7. Cheers for your directness From a few nice members to PM me as well saying the same, it looks like Ill pop the 235\40s on next week i think. Cheers all, If anyone wants pic's of a front rim test fitted let me know, i took pics of clearance of strut tower and guard pics on a S15 with the stock suspension.
  8. Anyone out there using these particular wheels that could lend a hand with some information? Cheers
  9. S15 sub box designs

    Dont forget to allow room for the boot swing arms to come down when you close the boot! If you dont care about boot space, then your best off going low and wide. i have a slightly angled box for my 12" dished kenwood sub.
  10. you need to do a bit more reading on tyre profiles, they are actually a percentage of the tread width. ie 215/40 will have a smaller sidewall in comparison to a 275/40 (these are just examples) there are plenty of online calculators that can help you work out rolling diameters though Thanks for the help. yes i have used these calculators before and im familiar with how the width will affect profile etc. Thanks for the tip though. Im comparing and wanting to see if people can and have run a 235/225 40. There is a slight difference is rolling diameter but not very much at all. a 225/40/18 matches the 205/55/16 S15 tyres near exact but the 235/40/18 is only a tad out which im not fussed about. i just want the widest tyre possible without- rolling guards, scrubbing, scrubbing on full lock As well would rather a 235/40/18 Front and rear as then I can rotate tyres also. But if the 235's wont fit properly under the front on the 18X8 +30 wheels then its a 225/40/18 all round. Cheers, J
  11. Hi guys, I've been doing a lot of searching and reading all over the internet of late regarding the 6 spoke 350Z 18X8 +30 wheels on a S15 200SX\Silvia. I've got a set and need tyres for them. Stock suspension so therefore stock ride height and spring compression\damper when driving also. I've seen a few photos out there of these wheels on S14\S15's but not many people talk about their tyre sizes. From what i can gather its a 40 profile tyre to match the stock 16" 55 profile rolling diameter. As far as width goes- Will the front accept a 235/40/18 tyre without rolling the guard and causing no scrape on lock or whilst driving? The rear seems like a 235/40/18 will fit fine without rolling the guards (general information I have gleamed from other threads etc) Question posed - 225/40/18 or 235/40/18 for the front 2 tires? Thanks all for the help. Cheers, J
  12. $125 for Federal 595's - 235 40 18 http://cgi.ebay.com.au/235-40-18-Federal-tyres-FREE-DELIVERY-MELBOURNE-METRO-/320609601430?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4aa5d24796#ht_2116wt_1139 Dont know what postage is around Australia though. Has anyone tried out those "235/40ZR18 SUNNY SN3970 ULTRA HIGH PERMORMANCE" from holdford motors? Very cheap and if they are decent for normal day to day use on the rear that would be a good deal.
  13. purplemonkey photography

    Last two shots are great!! Love them both very much! Although, have you got a photo of the liberty without the light painting around it? I think just the photo alone would look fantastic.
  14. 18" 350/70z rims on a 200sx

    S14 or S15 and Stock ride height? Any rubbing at all with the guards? Front full lock etc Cheers
  15. Send me the parts and i will gladly take some shots