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    Gardening, Looking at slutty Myspace photo's, getting slutty photo message's, looking at poeple car build's, doing handbrakie's, Helping random people out, eating ice creams...
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    Honda Civic 1988
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  1. The poser thread

    f**ki yeeeeah tank

    Looking for bench in tas north west coast...
  3. Name: Benn . Age: 19. Location: Tas. Where do you train?: At my house How long have you been lifting?: about a month. Long term goals?: get huge arms. A bit about yourself: I work on a dairy farm, have my Ls and have a nice garden.
  4. heat rash?

    cheers man i will look into it
  5. heat rash?

    most the time when i work out i get this rash or my neck or chest my gf was saying its a heat resh most the time it pops up whenever it wants too haha if anyone has had this happen or know how to get it f**k off cheers
  6. Goals This Year

    To get to 70kgs and have like 20inch arms ha
  7. Gang movies

    Harry brown was reallly reallly goood!
  8. Gang movies

    shit illl be wearing bangy pants and a hoodie in no time ha
  9. Gang movies

    i have a sus now cheers
  10. Gang movies

    What is some good ones?
  11. My Honda civic

    Hey guys, had my civic for awhile dont know much about it, really would love to get a new motor in her and turbo, but just on my LS at the moment, any tip of what i should do to it would be nice wouldnt mind paintting my wheels black and little lowwer and maybe a cannon but yeeah lol here's a link to the photo of it, i couldnt upload it to here http://img4.imageshack.us/i/nicerideheight.png/
  12. Movies so bad their good...

    The other guys was tooo good!
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    rakim- guess who's back?
  14. Boy with an arse for a face.

    Hahaha poor kid
  15. MMA chat

    Iam super happy gsp smashed the f**k out of cockcheck he is a super wanker!