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  1. Surpised the Alfa didn't break down, they usually do
  2. Greetings from a Commodore owner!

    Keep your daily and buy a toys for the weekend
  3. I belw up my s14 gearbox (3rd just ain't there anymore) in my 180sx and was wondering who could recommend a good gearbox mechanic who doesn't charge the big $ in Adelaide. 2nd hand you don't know what you are getting
  4. Blew up my gearbox need help

    Thanks for the advice, I have found someone in adelaide who does the bell house conversions for about $500, now I just need to find a good box on the cheap cheers
  5. Blew up my gearbox need help

    are they as good as the RB25 box do you still need to cut and shut the bellhousing?
  6. Hi anyone, Some months ago I purchased a 180sx (toy) as a track car (actually off NS), been to mallala for a couple of track days, went yesterday (private track day) and blew up my gearbox (S14) want to put a RB25 box in as I believe that that is the way to go, the powertune kit looks great but I am a bit of a tight ass does anyone know who might do the bellhouse welding in SA? I have a mate that is a welder does anyone have details on how to cut and shut the bellhouse or can direct me to any good forum links on this Cheers Knowone