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  1. Nice work Cros13. Could you please post some more detailed photos of the custom no hole intercooler piping as i will be doing the same myself. Cheers
  2. Sleepa, I took your advice along with many others that recommended Performance Exhaust. Hacks is am awesome guy who really shows personal interest and explains everything. He tidied up my exhaust and does great quality exhaust. Highly recommended. i strongly recommend Performance Exhaust Centre in Parramatta his name is HAKS and he is very helpful and friendly and certainly not over priced. b6/23-25 Windsor Rd Northmead NSW 2152 (02) 9683 5688
  3. Hey mate, its stretched believe me. Its not massive, but its noticable. I'll hopefully be installing the Coilovers and camber arms tomorrow, im hoping no work i required, but i doubt it, tyres stick out quit a bit.
  4. Hey mate, my rears are 245/35. But they are stretched to suit a 9.5" wheel. Since the bog runs to the guards edge it is possible that the rolling can cause the cracks to occur on the face of the panel, especially if the bog is weak, and i think the bog weakens with heat. Just a risk im not really wanting to take. Thanks for the info on the camber. Hopefully that will help.
  5. Thanks inmate. I think the problem with my exhaust is that its too close to the diff, so there isnt much room to tuck it up. Even the cat sits under the 100mm limit. Is your exhaust place located in Sydney ? Wouldnt mind getting another opinion.
  6. Hey guys, I have done a search to no avail, if anything im more confused. Wheel Issue: I just installed some 19" black wheels on my S15. Front: 19"8 +35 Rear:19x9.5 +38 (stretch). At the moment the rear tyres stick out a little. I just purchased a 3 way coilover set with adjustable rear camber arms, which should be delivered tommorow. Yet, too my demise, I went to get the gaurds rolled today to which I found out that the rear right has a little bog work done to it. Nothing major, but enough to cause cracking. The guy rolled it a little and it started to show stress cracks, so I told him to stop. Dilema: I dont want to run crazy rear camber so i get ridiculous tyre wear, but I I also cant roll the rear right gaurd. How can i lower the rear without scrapping ? Exhaust: My s15 currently has a turbo back JASMA exhaust (installed by previous owner). It has the big cannon tip which draws wayyyy too much attention. I want to remove the cannon tip (make it a dual stock tip look-a-like) and tuck the exhaust up so it will sit under 100mm when the car is lowered a little with the coilovers. The exhaust sits quite close to the diff as it is. I went to Liverpool Exhaust which they quoted me $1500, but they want to install a new cat back, im not really a fan of this. I think something can be done with the current exhaust as it is.. Is there any other solution to this? Looking forward to your reply.
  7. Firstly, I dont know why you made the first quote, is is relavent and taken out of context. That was a simple reply to Disenter in regards to other people being happy with JapSpec "nothing wrong with them". It did not imply that it was my original intention to purchase them. That did not mean that I intentionally pruchased the Japanese Spec, if I did, I wouldnt be doing this whole fiasco. As mentioned before, all TEIN suspension is imported from Japan, even Fulcrum acts as a middle man. As cazman mentioned earlier, you can either go through a dealer or through a broker, I chose to go through a Broker based in Queensland that assured me that he was providing for me the Aus Spec, and I would get the Australian dealer warranty, but he obviously didn't. Thats the whole issue. So, I didn't pay a cheaper price, and the whole point of me going through an Australian based broker and getting Aus Spec was to get the Australian Warranty. No shit. If thats not spoonfed, then I was born eating solid food. If you do not have any constructive comments, please refrain from posting any further. The situation is simple to understand, if you want to further manipulate and take quotes out of context, knock yourself out, I wont be replying.
  8. Dollar80, You must be the most ignorant poster yet. If you had spent two minutes reading the thread you will realise that I purchased the goods from Australia,(and all TEINs are imported from Japan) and secondly, I bought the suspension when the seller told me they were Aus Spec, yet on arrival they are not! In other words ' I have been Shafted!' Understand ? I didnt pay a cheaper price for goods direct from Japan... Seriously people, read the thread before you make a total fool of yourselves.
  9. All TEINs come from Japan, regardless whether one purchased them locally of internationally. Many people use brokers to directly source from Japan as sometimes it can be cheaper.
  10. I didnt buy it overseas.
  11. How about S15? Same principle ?
  12. I have got confirmation that these are not Aus Spec coilovers. Thanks for all the help guys , appreciate it.
  13. Thank you for your reply Cazman. Vessi I know there is nothing wrong with the Japspec coilovers, but its the principle. If i have been informed that the items i purchased are AusSpec, and they are not, then there are grounds for dispute, regardless if the items are more than capable of performing the same task.
  14. I am the original purchaser, I just used a middle man to get from Japan. My mistake is that I was informed that the Aus Spec are made in Japan, yet this obviously is not the case as they are imported from Japan and modified here to suite Aus Roads.
  15. Firstly, I didn't get what I paid for. True, there is nothing wrong with the Jap Spec version, but I personally would like the Aus Spec, mainly due to Warranty. I'll post the numbers up tomorrow as I wont be able to tonight.