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  1. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 85000 Price : $11,000 Condition : Used Hi guys and gals, Up for sale is my s13 silvia(onevia) That i have owned since Jan 2011. I bought the car off a friend of mine a year(maybe less) after he bought it from the guy who built it. A few of you probably know him as Luis from Drift Garage http://www.driftgarage.com.au/ ,Although i think he now works as a tuner at Powertune. This car has been the best car i have ever owned hands down. Runs like the day it was built,Turn the key and drive first time every time. It is a shame i have to sell, If i had it my way i would keep it but i am relocating to Melbourne at the start of next year and i cant take it with me To be honest in the past year and 9 months i have owned it i have not nearly drove it as much as i wanted too.Some weeks i would take it for a cruise once or twice if that, other weeks i wouldn't.It just sat in the garage with a car cover over it. It was not my daily car as i have a work car, But could easily be a daily if need be.It is a fantastic streeter. The car has a engineer certificate for the work done to it (Which is hard to come by these days) so the fuzz cant do much unless any silly business was involved in it Engine: s14 2lt sr20det Blacktop Standard rebuild It would creeping up on around 85,000Ks now 220kw atw 14psi Engine / Drivetrain: custom high mount manifold kkr 380 turbo external gate fmic 270" cams and valve springs 600cc injectors Apexi Power fc (hand controller hidden in glovebox) custom airbox custom 3'' Exhaust s14 box s13 diff 4:3 ratio Suspension: hsd coilovers Toe Arms S14 5 Stud Conversion S14 Brakes & Rotors Camber Arms Rare factory s13 front strut brace Exterior: project d 17x10 +15 all around 180sx front end conversion(all metal guards) 180sx genuine type-x front bar bn sports skirts bn sports rear bar sunroof vented fiberglass bonnet Interior: s15 front seats sports steering wheel(unsure on brand) 3 Saber gauges mounted on dash (Boost gauge has buggered up on me but) Clarion touch screen cd/mp3 player with ipod connectivity alpine rears jl audio front?(not to sure) Blitz boost controller Bride trim on door inserts,glovebox and center console Nismo leather gear knob battery relocated to boot in marine box The car is serviced every 3000/4000 Washed regularly. Will be sold with a full professional detail, And 10 months rego,Runs out at the very start of August next year 2013. Can throw in extras including S13 Aero side skirts(blue) which i was going to put on with a supermade rear bar but never got the chance. And a rare centre console cup holders,Factory option for S13's and 180sx. The only faults are the Boost gauge that failed on me Fuel gauge never worked, Even when my mate owned it, Maybe even when Luis owned it.. And the passenger side electric window motor is broken but will have that fixed prior to selling. At this stage i am after 11k or a reasonable offer close to that. NO SWAPS! My number is 0432204171 or inbox me here. Car is located in Wagga Wagga NSW
  2. Either way i am happy to see Nissan involved at all! Better then nothing
  3. http://www.news.com.au/technology/gaming/dicked-off-customers-furious-at-dick-smiths-7m-game-sale-scam/story-e6frfrt9-1226316539362?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+com%2Fnewscomautopstoriesndm+%28NEWS.com.au+%7C+Top+Stories%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher
  4. Quick / Short joke thread

    Why are fat people like Autoglass? Neither have ever ignored a chip. April Fools Day... Anyone got Kate and Gerry McCann's phone number? My doctor was checking my balls for any lumps the other day. It got awkward when I ran my fingers through his hair. Today is International Women's Day. It was actually supposed to be held yesterday but they took too long to get ready. What does a black man do after sex? 15 years to life.
  5. things that annoy you

    Holy S**t yes! Drives me insane!!! Also,having a chest and throat infection at the same time,You cough and it feels like you are coughing razor blades..Highly do not recommend
  6. Wifes Tommy Kiara enhanced R34Gt-R

    Your wife.....Keep her Awesome car mate
  7. The only MGS i remember playing is the first on the PS1. Didn't have a PS2 when the other came out.And i don't have a PS3 either.So i cant compare the graphic. To me,Sons Of Liberty looks alright. The cut scenes look great and i don't think the PS2 would have handled these.
  8. Sons of liberty.Done about 13hrs on that. And started Snake eater last night and got a fair way into that. Good bang for your buck anyways. 3 games in one. Can't go wrong!
  9. Anyone picked this up already? I bought it Saturday and already have roughly 18hrs of game play! Can not put it down. I haven't played any of these in the past (Not a Sony guy)
  10. I did a rookie mistake by planning a trip to California earlier in the year,Was going to hit up Coachella and backpack for 3 weeks.Booked the plane tickets and everything when a few of my mates did. Applied for the Visa Waiver Program and got declined(Forgot i had a criminal record for a minor thing about 3yrs ago that i overlooked) I then had to apply for a Visa.Then travel to Sydney for a interview where i got knocked back because of the charge.Without saying to much the charge was one of those things where you scratch your head thinking ''How the f**K DID I GET KNOCKED BACK FOR THIS?" They have a 5yr ban on me for entering the USA.So in 2014 i can then apply as its already been 3yrs since the charge. Anyways,Although i had insurance etc etc i got nothing back. Insurance has nothing to do with the denial from countries.So i am out near 3k with nothing to do about it. Should have looked into it a tad more i think..
  11. My Saber boost gauge seems to all of a sudden gone burko. On idle (And while driving at a normal speed at any rpm) it goes right up past 30psi and flashes red and beeps so f**king loud! Anyone who has these would know the noise i am talking about. Anyone have a idea what it could be? Or is it just a dodgy gauge you reckon?
  12. N.S Theif

    I only just checked back into this thread! Sh*ts going down!!! Hell yeah!
  13. documentary junkie?

    Black Tar Heroin is a pretty gnarly doco.