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  1. Wtb s13 parts

    by any chance do you have the standard front shocks?
  2. has this got anything to do with the subwoofer mounted under seat thread??? http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2446695
  3. New seat recommendations for 180SX

    perhaps try an evo wrecker? they have sparco's
  4. New seat recommendations for 180SX

    i have Velo fixed bucket seats in mine, cannot fault them, however i wouldn't want to use in a daily driver. stick with something easy to get in and out of, S15 or GTR seats would be great
  5. 180sx SR20DET idle

    one other thought, check the AFM is clean
  6. 180sx SR20DET idle

    i'd start by checking in this order; 1. Vacuum leak 2. Dirty ICAV 3. Bad Tune
  7. WTB S13/180sx F/R Sway Bars

    stock front and rear bars available, no links, you will have to pay for shipping, may have polyurethane bushes, can include
  8. 180sx Power Check

    bigger injectors, i'm making that power with a GT2871r and associated mods
  9. excessive vibration

    the only vibrating thing that ''should' be in your car while at idol is the engine..... bad tune = rough idol = vibration.... how does the engine move if you manually open the throttle while looking at the engine bay? SR20 is attached with two engine mounts and one gear box mount, have you actually pulled them out to examine for tearing?
  10. excessive vibration

    check engine mounts... or lack thereof
  11. track spring rates 33GTST

    i think he is running R33 GTR wheels with yokohama's on them 12/9 or 12/10 seems massive, can i ask why soo stiff?
  12. My current build is s13 SR20DET Apexi GT2871r 750CC injectors cooler & exhaust the power really tapers off high in the rev range, the car is used for driving to and from the track and track sprints, ideally it would pull to redline.
  13. Chassis...bend

    2 bolt bar? could be backwards??
  14. okay then, i'm assuming a mechanic should make a call if you should change your springs or not (wear and tear) i'm thinking if yes --> JUN if no --> Tomei
  15. http://www.greenline.jp/catalogue/bcspecialpartlist.php?make=Nissan&carcode=S13H&intake=FI 54,432 Yen = $600 AUD for cams and springs