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  1. S13 door sensor vs dash clock :(

    I took out my air conditioning control thing the other day to fix the lights in it that didn't work, my stereo now doesn't work, just flashes, clock resets to 1 when the doors are opened, the door light doesn't work, and i ended up f**king up even more lights in the aircon........ really really don't like wiring.
  2. Nissan 180SX Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    Anyone have any more info on that ^^^^ 180? any build threads? looks flippin amazing.

    just saw a white zenki slammed on what looked like black superlights on canterbury road. just had a quick glance so not 100% on the wheels.. either way looked f**kin rad
  4. had my yo-yo go down the toilet on an airplane i was like 7 or something, just got my new fireball yo-yo, 5 hours into a 12 hour flight to the states.... couldn't f**king take it i need to use my new yo-yo. went to the bathroom, let it rip and it went straight down the little trap door hole thing. i don't remember how i got it out, but i know that i did because i still have it
  5. Beginner Guitars

    7vwh aka the one vai's called evo and playes all the time there are some photos of both the guitars im talking about on here somewhere.
  6. Beginner Guitars

    jem has been set up, and tweaked by myself for the past 5 years
  7. Beginner Guitars

    i don't really know what starter kits are like these days, but i bought my first guitar off a mate with an amp for 100 bucks. it's a piece of shit behringer strat copy. but the thing is, i also have an ibanez jem which i bought for 5 grand. and i like the behringer just as much, and sometimes more. you'll find with guitars it's really what you put into it that makes it fit. i wouldn't say no to a fender squire starter kit with a strat copy and practice amp it like with cars, you don't start with an enzo, you buy a piece of shit NA s13 and learn how to drive properly so you're not just relying on the car/guitar. also depends heaps on what kind of music you want to play.
  8. sports injuries!

    i put a big crack through mine if you were a rollerblader you may know what im mean here when i say i under shot a top soul on a 14 stair rail, had a fair bit of speed so i landed down the bottom on the edge of the last stair on my ass.
  9. sports injuries!

    i've been an inliner since i was about 8, 20 now and so far have: (work my way up) Broken both big toes, requiring surgery on each Ingrown toe nail surgery on each big toe from the nails being screwed up after the breaks (sounds like a bitch out, but if you've have a proper infected ingrown, you know the pain) f**king deformed feet from always trying to get the smallest skates possible hole in right shin requiring 4 stitches hole in left shin requiring 5 surgery on both knees for osgood schlatters disease, when you put too much strain on the tendon that goes down to the front of your tibia, and when you're growing it fastens to your growth plate, and i ripped off my growth plate on my right knee, and lifted it on the left. snapped coccyx ruptured kidney and spleen and broke three ribs when i overshot a foam pit, was pissing so much blood it looked like coke. 4 broken ribs on other occasions broken right wrist, radius and ulna and collar bone in one stack. dislocated all fingers at one stage (except my right ring finger) elbows and knees torn to shreds dislocated right shoulder two front teeth are fake two broken noses big lump on the back of my head, did a gap a few years ago in a comp, landed backward and hit something and my head slingshotted into the ground and cracked the helmet.

    the rad weather today bought out all kinds of sick shit turning off bourke rd at prospect hill rd a black 68 mustang, gold racing stripes, looked f**king rad dude driving saw me all googly eyed and decided to open it up, sounded as good as it looked. then about 20 minutes later on bourke rd a 458 italia god f**king damn that thing looks good. some old bird sitting in the passenger seat saw me run over to have a look, nudged her partner in the drivers seat, pointed at me, they smiled, and he ripped it. f**ker. oh and scotty in his s14.
  11. New Lamborghini - the Sesto Elemento

    red thing in the back just reminds me of
  12. http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=458755&st=0&p=5906726entry5906726 hey dude, sounds like you've got a similar issue to me, have a look through my thread on it and let me know if it sounds the same.

    pewter s15 on 32 gtr's the other day in the kmart plaza on burwood highway. looked to have a few defi guages on the dash too. never been the biggest fan of s15's but there was something about yours that just really worked well.
  14. whats your top 5 favourite bands

    Motley Crue Guns N Roses Frank Zappa Aerosmith The Pharcyde
  15. Nissan S14 Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    you do know thats a model don't you mate?