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  1. Price : $12,500 Condition : New -Block dart sleeves, torque plate bored 87mm, crack tested, line honed, annular groove suit gtir main bearings, drilled for 1/2” head studs, decked -knife edged crank, balanced, crack tested, genuine nissan timing. sprocket, keyway, crank pulley bolt -powerbond under drive crank pulley -je forged pistons, 87mm with pro rings, balanced -pauter x beam con rods, balanced -genuine nissan oil pump decked with block -genuine nissan water pump -arp main stud kit -mazworx 1/2” headstud kit -tomei sump pan -genuine nissan gasket kit -power enterprise metal head gasket, 87mm bore, 1.2mm thick, drilled to suit 1/2” headstuds -genuine nissan timing chain kit -det s13 head, crack and pressure tested, drilled to suit 1/2” head studs -supertec 1mm oversize stainless intake valves -supertec 1mm oversize inconel exhaust valves -supertec silica bronze valve guides -jun dual valve springs -jun titanium retainers -genuine nissan valve collets -tomei solid lifters, tomei shim kit -tomei 272/272 12.5mm lift pro cams -tomei adjustable cam gears -tomei oil block -genuine nissan cam gear bolts -genuine nissan rocker arms -acl race series bearings -parts that are missing- rear main seal plate,sump tin baffle,rocker cover All genuine nissan parts are brand new. as are all parts, ENGINE IS UNASSEMBLED NEVER BEEN TOGETHER Left it unassembled so buyer can see whats there Also have for sale -brae steampipe trust manifold -kinagawa tdo6 sl2 25g 8cm -sard 700cc injectors x4 -sard top feed fuel rail kit suit s13
  2. Mod knuckle question...

    wow whats all the fuss about all he needs to do is cut about 20mm off the ends of his tie rods and itl be sweet. whats all this crap ^^^ about
  3. Um wow what I suggested doesn't leave big clouds of white. Steam/ smoke it does exactly what he is saying maybe you don't have all the answers hey and leaky injectors it would not be affected by tempreture should settle down a bit I think before you go jumping down peoples throats
  4. Your fan speed resistor is broken it is in the air box where the fan is usually held in by two bolts with a wire plug goin to it unplug it and remove the bolts and it will come out
  5. sr20det engine failure

    Your plugs would be black from fuel by now from all the cranking over so I'd say your not getting fuel if they are still dry get a noid light kit and check your injectors are opening sounds more like an electrical problem than anything else
  6. Could have a headgasket failure. Coolant to cylinder seipage when block is cold leak opens up when block is hot leak seals up check your radiator for bubbles on first start up or do a leak down test while engine is stone cold
  7. valve spring compressor tool

    hey cheers mate yeh thats the one im after was hoping to source one local though as wanted it this week But looks like ill have to get one of ebay just went to another 5 tool shops and i found only two and they were for bogan v8s and looked real nasty cant belive im having so much trouble finding a store in brisbane that stocks a decent valve spring compressor
  8. hey im looking to buy a good qaulity valve spring compressor to work with sr20 in brisbane. Now ive only just moved to brisbane and ive been to a few tool shops and all they have is cheap and nasty ones that dosent look like they will fit anyway Im located in springwood can somebody point me to a good tool shop where they have purchased or seen a decent one id really like the snap on one but any (decent)brand would be good cheers ross
  9. sr20det

    Hmmm na this was more of a useful item not a dressy show crap thing cheers anyways I'll just have to keep looking
  10. sr20det

    hey i saw a bolt kit on the internet for sr20det that replaces all the bolts in an engine build ie sump bolts ,oil pump bolts, water pump bolts and so on now i cant remember where i saw this kit been looking for a couple of hours now to no avail has anyone seen these kits or know where they are to purchase spewin i cant remember where it was
  11. Gearbox Oil

    hey mate where did you get the redline from? im wanting to change to redline lightweight shockproof aswell but i cant seem to find it anywhere in bris, ie autobahn/super cheap does repco have it? im currently running royale purple, was brilliant when i got it n ran smooth no crunching what so ever but now after my long drives to new job its starting to crunch 2nd gear all the time and shifting to 3rd and 4th is sometimes notchy n kinda grindy but im fed up with it and want something smoother performance wholesale in slacks creek stock redline
  12. your fan resistor might be shaged they bolt to the fan box with two bolts and a wire plug goin into it or your ac control thing (the one above the stereo ) could be shagged aswell
  13. 12mm head studs

    also mate you had anything to do withthe narpec gear for sr cyl head stuff as in timing chain or rocker arms or not worth it and just stick with the oem nissan items i want this motor to be pretty strong also whats the best way to contact you for a qoute other than phone (i dont want to waste to much of your time ) on putting this together im still contemplating building it myself not sure yet though i have a lot of gear sitting here waiting to be put together and im starting to get itchy feet to get it done already lol
  14. 12mm head studs

    true how much can you get the mazworx ones for i usually find my own gear to keep costs down but if your price is right and what makes the maz ones good? i can get the jun ones for 350 and the arp ones are a lil confusing with people having problems with them or something