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  1. Thanks, Will suss them tomorrow morning!
  2. Hey people, I have some panel beating to attend to. Need a Porta Power which has extends out 600mm. Where can I hire one from? or Does anyone have one I can rent? Cheers!
  3. Hey guys need some information! So basically my friend received a fine yesterday which was a total of 3 demerits. This is unfortunate because he only had 3 with his re-issued Ps licence. Previously he had to appeal through court to attempt to keep his licence, and was issued 6 months without it until he could obtain it once again. He waited the time then took the test where it was reissued. However this recent fine will cost him his licence which means a 15 month period before he can attempt to once again get it back. There is an idea floating around where he could go interstate, sit a drivers test there and gain an interstate licence. Then, fly back and use it in SA for the 15 months. How successful would this plan be? I didn't come here for smartass and stupid replies, so if you feel the need to do so, please kindly direct them elsewhere thankyou. Cheers for your time guys!
  4. Make : TOYOTA Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $600 Condition : Used Whaddup people! For sale I have my MX83 shell. Bottom line with this car is that it can be stripped and used as a drift shell, or it could use tlc and become a nice daily. Theres a bit to it, so please read everything. -The car currently has no motor in the bay. I have a 7MGTE I took out, and a spare 7mge block with essentials. The gte has spun a bottom end bearing. If your handy with motor repairs, the bottom block could be swapped over. I am fairly certain there is hardly any difference between the blocks for both motors. I also have a full 3" exhaust to suit this motor. -It DOES however have a FMIC mounted up and ready to use. -The car obviously has no gearbox either. -At the current point in time, there is no front suspension assembly this includes front springs, shocks, or hub, or brakes. I plan to get the bare essentials to make it a rolling shell before sale.... or BYO. -Rear suspension consists of r33 springs and shot shocks. -The body is in need of work, there are a few dents and dings which would need repairing, the worst being the front left hand guard. However if it is to be used as a drift shell, this would not matter. -The interior is all leather, the front seats clearly showing their age. Once again, if its to be used as a drift shell, I am happy to take everything out myself prior to sale. -It has a sunroof. -It can be registered. This car WILL need a trailer. Located in South Adelaide. Please contact me if you have interest, my mobile number is 0437963065, or on the thread. Chasing $600 for the shell.
  5. Last night a friend's 180 was stolen from the southern suburbs. plate number: s206-acz Last update was "said" to have been spotted around the river torrens. If anyone has seen it or has any information please contact this number. 0431634397 The lads name is STEVE HINES. If anyone can help locate it and retrieve it there will be a reward! Thanks guys!
  6. 21 going on 12. I wouldnt be worried, we are having fun, its what lifes about. If people dont find it amusing it doesnt bother me. Thought I'd post it up and see what sort of responses I get. As for the "getting laughed at you and your actions part" - zero f**ks are given. Thats one of the reasons I posted them up, its immature and funny. But some people dont have that humor, so whatever. 0 f**ks given.
  7. STR8E180 try this one.... http://youtu.be/o19AXBsPhM8
  8. Guess it wouldnt apeal to older people such as yourself then (No smartass comment intended).
  9. Sup guys! I have recently started up a youtube channel! It includes the videos I take when I am drinking with the lads, so it basically includes a shitload of binge drinking, pranks, and stupid shit!!! I'm hoping to make it a popular channel, but mainly for the amusement! Theres about 6 videos up now! Please note: These are not staged, they are actual things that happen! http://www.youtube.com/user/MX83STYLZ Not sure which one is the funniest, some include inside jokes but thats okay! Have a suss of: Jedd the Broom Man http://youtu.be/ZFWl5oLVhD0 Benny Boy Mcf**ked! Dog Drinks Vodka Rasberrys Luke Gets f**ked Up! Hope you guys find it amusing! If you like what you see, pass it on, subscribe, maybe post it up on facey, whatever! Let me know which one is your favorite video!
  10. Chevy badges on Commodores

    What's a Holden? I only know of Chevys
  11. Insurance on sleeper

    f**k I love society.
  12. Bogan Neighbours & loud music

    Contact Today Tonight.
  13. Petrol increase

    This f**king shits me off, im barely able to put petrol in my tank as it is being a uni student and working a casual job. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I hate this government!!!!! Time to hit up centrelink methinks!!
  14. engineering cars in SA

    Been down this track, its way too much trouble + money and not worth it in the end. Would end up costing 10X more than the thing is worth. Wouldnt recommend engineering it at all.