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  1. S13 to S15 Dash Tech Video

    Video is now private?
  2. Z32 trans to SR Adapter kit

    Got it sorted! I like the fact that the Alpha Omega kit is all Australian made but it's a tad over priced for what you get, compared to other existing kits on the market. Not only this, but it is also incomplete (no gear selector or tailshaft), and some parts are a little unnecessary and over-engineered ie. CNC machined billet crossmember. It worked out better for me to swap out the bellhousing for an RB25 item and use a the TOG adapter plate - Then there is no need to to have anything machined for it to fit up.
  3. Z32 trans to SR Adapter kit

    As the title states, im after a Z32 trans to SR20 adapter kit in used or new condition. Located in Vic although willing to pay postage also. Let me know what you've got!
  4. Problem sorted as far as the alternator not charging and interior and exterior lights not working. Had one relay that was loose and not making enough contact. Something so simple for what seemed a massive problem. Now just to sort out the tach and dash problem.
  5. Hello all, Just recently i have swapped out my CA for a built SR and i have swapped out the oem ecu for an aftermarket computer. After doing a full wire tuck and cutting out the standard engine bay fuse/relay box i cant seem to get much to work including; instrument cluster (speedo, lights and all), interior/exterior lights and horn. I had an auto elec wire in all my new aftermarket relays from which he said the factory relays would be useless. So i have since cut them out of the system. Perhaps this is the problem? I have looked through the the S13 manual but this has been no help. The new motor starts and runs fine after a recent tune and run in on the dyno, but i really need to get this problem sorted so that i can run the car in further and get a power tune. Thanks, Alex
  6. Do you sell Front bars on their own from the instant gentleman kit? Cheers
  7. I had bought a button clutch which out lasted my CA and wouldnt mind seeing if i can run it on my SR fly wheel. Saves me having to spend the cash on a new clutch, and selling a perfectly good clutch for peanuts.
  8. Hello All, I have tried using the search function on ns and google but still cant find an answer. Very similar symptoms but no answer... Ive got a ca18det s13 which is having the trouble. The car boosts fine and idles like a dream when cold. As soon as it reaches running temp it idles like an abortion and splutters all the way through boost until it reaches high rpm. There is little to no torque in low range or if you put your foot to the floor. I have checked for vaccum leaks, replaced the coolant temp sensor, configured ignition timing, cleaned afm, ran injector cleaner, adjusted fuel reg, swapped o2 sensor. Im puting it down to farked AFM or CAS??? Any thoughts? Anyone had this problem? Cheers
  9. Not that i saw, but they are long gone now. Shouldnt need one. Heres the chase bay's kit which is what i have copied to an extent: http://zilvia.net/f/misc-accessories/391730-chase-bays-power-steering-kit.html
  10. Thick line from reservoir > Feed line on power steering pump (bolt up flange) Thin line from reservoir > Return line from rack (far left fitting on rack) High pressure line ( from power steering pump - banjo fitting ) > Inner most fitting on rack. Im running an under driven harmonic balancer but i dont know what affect this would have on the pump but many people are running them without trouble. Is there difference in size between sr and ca power steering pulley?
  11. The pump will only turn one way when its mounted on the left side of the block and it doesnt seem to be making any noise unless on mega load. The fluid is filled to the top mark on the dipstick. When I start the car up with the cap off the fluid spews everywhere this is definitely not normal. Maybe I'll try flushing the system and use ATF? Maybe the fluid is boiling? Pump spinning too fast?
  12. Hello All, I have got an issue with my power steering set-up which i cant seem to figure out. Power steering fluid foams out from under the cap of the reservoir at idle and once the wheels start to turn left or right. If the Cap is removed it volcano's out everywhere. The fluid is filled up to the cold start level. Ive tried bleeding it up with the car off and at idle (using chase bays power steering bleeding instructions) - turning the wheel from lock to lock slowly 20-40 times but somehow there is still air pockets that wont come out. All the fittings have been checked for leaks as there all nice and tight but still no sign of a leak This is not the standard s13 Ca18 power steering setup (similar to chase bay it). It consists of: Under-driven crank pulley SR power steering pump (on Ca18) standard pulley Works engineering reservoir Enzed custom high pressure line Enzed rack lines. Speedflow press-fit return line Speedflow press-fit feed line S13 steering rack Nulon power steering fluid (Should this be ATF???) Ive had a look around on the net but cant find the answer. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  13. Mod knuckle question...

    Car is an S13. Parts were not modded by myself, but by Visky (Garage low) who has worked on a fair few cars that drive winton etc. There shouldnt be any more cutting required for the following specs: Standard steering rack. Standard LCA's Gk tech rack spacers. ISC tie-rod kit. Visky shortened knuckles Visky modded cross member. (knuckles and rack are in-line)