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  1. 180sx Type X + AE71 Wagon with BEAMS!

    lol, late arse reply, but i have no more pics of it, its just a floating shell with a motor atm. more updated for the beams wagon though Rebecca(owner of the wagon) and I finished all the fuel system in the wagon, and Rebecca welded on a bracket for the Brake line T pieces and now the brake system can be started. some pics of the braided line we did connecting all the tanks/pumps Start of the brake lines, ran out of time before work. more to come, trumpets should be on their way, then start on the basic loom for cluster/starter/alternator/lights, gotta make a hand brake for the master we have, then send it off to get the front tube/tubs done. but thats another day.
  2. 180sx Type X + AE71 Wagon with BEAMS!

    Another update of progress Got the Dual callipers in Got the springs in, cut au falcon rears, 200mm free height, down to 150 compressed Sits the car like this, with no fuel system in the rear. (Yay blurry phone pics) Car will be getting front fenders chopped and welded onto the rear. The wheels tyres are a 15*9 0 with a 195/50 Got the beast tail shaft in And here is a picture of the gearbox X member for good measure.
  3. 180sx Type X + AE71 Wagon with BEAMS!

    yeah i hear what you are saying. everyone has so much respect for him, just hate how long it takes for things to be done. he said he has a couple half done, and will now concentrate on mine and get that done. but yeah over a year, thats insane. howd you get yours running with out a custom loom
  4. 180sx Type X + AE71 Wagon with BEAMS!

    yeah keizen garage is doing it. i left it in the hands of Jake at JDI. thats how he did it.
  5. 180sx Type X + AE71 Wagon with BEAMS!

    ahhhh. oh well i guess. things gonna be stupid stiff anyways so hopefully wont be an issue. have semi organised for a full loom engine + ecu(adaptronic) + adapter for the itbs. so once i have a fuel system organised, should be able to crank it over.
  6. 180sx Type X + AE71 Wagon with BEAMS!

    its set up like a standard ke70, so yeah ke70 arms onto the R31 diff. no one had mentioned go equal length, dont think i wanna know the differences itd make now lol.
  7. 180sx Type X + AE71 Wagon with BEAMS!

    for anyone following this, i sold the seafoam S13, i have to many projects going, to worry bout another car lol. anyways Update on progress with the wagon firstly, purchased some black top 20V itbs then the car was sent off for for the BEAMS install, so modified cross member, gearbox bracket, modified radiator, R31 diff, 4 link and coil springs. Beams in place Trans tunnel and on the driver seat is the new drive shaft. R31 Diff with the 4link ignore the wooden blocks, haven't had time to get the springs in. Thats bout it for now, I have the springs ready to be chopped, and 4 commodore callipers ready to be cleaned and installed. so will be doing that next on the weekend
  8. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo i was enjoying my millions lol.
  9. those photos look mint, im enjoying bounties as well, im pretty impatient with games, but i actually enjoy getting on and playing this. yes doing the same missions is getting repetitive. the buzzard is mad fun. i spent 10 mins chassing a bounty around blain county and then the vine yards shooting missiles at the dude. ones hitting just infront of the car which it then jumps through the fire.
  10. lol you are drivign the mesa 4x4 that the merryweather military use. couple different ways to get it aswell. its actually fairly fast once you have it fully modified. game needs lift kits and bigger wheel options but yeah, i really wish with online you could have a warehouse or whatever for more car spots
  11. they really need to bring something new to the table. non rockstar races are average and glitchy at best, different, but i never really liked racing GTA due to how the cars were limited, along with how stupid kids are. death matchs are boring as all f**k. and god mod modded players are annoying. they really need to hurry up with hiests and such oh and let me buy a warehouse for more vehicles
  12. when i got heaps of money on my level 65 character, it just helped me get all my cars modded as i had unlocked everything up untill that point. earlier this week i got 60 million on my level 40 character adn was like shit, now i gotta thrash races to unlock everything to finish modding my cars. the new crew colour is awesome. i wanted to change it to a blue as blue is my colour lol.
  13. i cant even figure out how to gift, but im pretty sure you can only do it in 10k drops, and only one ever x amount of minutes. i need to send money to my other account lol.
  14. i was in a lobby when someone put a negative 9 mill bounty on another random, i joined a game, but quit, and came back to 9 mill in my account week later i was just bout to turn the playstation off, i was then gifted 50ish million three times. but two of them dissapered but 10bill, thats insane, i dont know what to do with 50 million. i read that in patch 1.08 they were cracking down on it, people commenting saying people are getting banned if found to be cheating, but my account still works fine.
  15. yeah thats the biggest thing that annoys me, wish you could have an apartment and a garage, i want more then 10 vehicles lol.