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  1. WTB TE37's or LMGT4's.

    I'm looking for a set of either te37's or LMGT4's. Considering the following sizes diameter 17 / 18 width 9 / 9.5 around +20 offset. Please no cracks / repairs / buckles. Must be in Melbourne. Thanks Josh
  2. R34 4 door uses r33 rear suspension/cradle and are mostly non hicas also.
  3. s14 / s15 / r33 will fit with offset bushes
  4. Stalactites fight in Melbourne

    Wasn't this from 5 years ago though?
  5. I'd be replacing the seals on the Nissan item well before buying a new aftermarket one.
  6. Did you bench bleed the bmc? I didn't do this once and had the same level of brakes as you describe. I also noticed this nifty invention last night, easy to make and will save you a lot of mess. Down the bottom of the page, bench bleed setup. http://www.lukekailburn.com/boostermc.html
  7. Diff compatibility...

    r33 lsd 4.3 / 4.11 diffs are hard to come by in ABS. you can use a non abs housing, swap over your companion flange (the input flange from the driveshaft) and make a bracket for the ABS sensor. i've done this, its fine if you get the pinion bearing preload set properly. you'll more than likely need to get the carrier bearing shims adjusted if you're swapping centres or crown wheels too.
  8. GKtech V2 camber arms - S15

    Last pic, c, then add the bolt on the back side of the turnbuckle to lock everything together.
  9. Varex exhaust

    its the same as a power window switch, 12v motor, easy to make and install.
  10. Student shot

    Security cameras we installed at work recently have auto-track capability, they follow moving objects and have auto zoom, 360 degree spin etc, so human interaction isn't necessary. One possible explanation
  11. HardRace Sway bars? Any good?

    You can purchase deregistration forms through third party companies. Some Facebook pages do them, few people on sau etc.
  12. HardRace Sway bars? Any good?

    you can buy second hand if you can find a whiteline, they're not something that wears out (other than the links / bushes). china ARB can be very shit, the ends are welded on rather than flattened / pressed and drilled, and the bars can be hollow and/or made from inferior metals. often stock is better than a POS china ARB
  13. The diff speed sensor may not look damaged but it's an electrical device that can fail. If you have checked all fuses then swap the sensor with a known working one and go from there. (Edit: Before swapping the sensor you can check the power to and from the sensor with a multimeter)
  14. good spare prices?

    $50 to $150 is the going rate for an r200 lsd.
  15. Depends if they're sealed units like old cusco or if you can separate the bearing housing to access the innards, or if they're press in replaceable type bearings which aren't common from what I've seen. The easiest solution would be to measure up Your current bearing plates and buy a matching sized set from another coilover producer, ie cusco, as they're often made to a universal size with the same dimensions and mounting holes. For instance cusco camber tops are interchangeable with ikeya(?) Formula.
  16. Little pops in idle

    My guess: Dirty injectors and inconsistent fueling, or lean idle pops. If you have a small vac leak it'll run lean on idle, start with changing all your vac lines as that's an easy $15 job. Then clean your afm with the appropriate cleaner, and reset your ecu.
  17. r34gtt diff in s13

    diffs are a PITA. stick with what you have, shim it and fresh oil. all r32 r33 r34 s13 s14 s15 r200's are interchangeable, just get the correct combination of: output shaft bolt pattern, ABS / Non ABS, correct rear hat (use the one that matches your subframe), correct front mounting bolts (ie r32 / s13 bolts for r32 / s13 diff housing, and bushed type for everything else) and ratio that best suits your cars purpose. mixing and matching internals is possible, although be prepared for disappointment as little things like bolt size differences will come up (12mm vs 13mm crownwheel bolts for instance)
  18. your workmates sound like a bunch of idiots. it takes 5 seconds with a press (even a shitty 6 ton press) and a piece of pipe slightly larger than the base of the ball joint. you then reverse the pipe to the other side of the ball joint to press it in. no damage, no warped 'seat' ring.
  19. wtb R200 LSD diff, abs, 4.08 or 4.11. Must be mint, no noises or clunks. VIC East side only. No intestate. Thanks Josh
  20. Apexi RSM AVCR Stand / Mount

    For sale 1 x Apexi RSM / AVCR stand / mount Doncaster, vic. as pictured. $25.00
  21. Gearbox/ clutch jammed.

    I don't think anything is seized, that's very unlikely after 3 months. Just jump sstart it and see if that fixes it haha
  22. Gearbox/ clutch jammed.

    The clutch is engaged unless you have your foot on the clutch pedal. Is it in gear when you're trying to start, jerking back and forth when you crank it? Edit: I agree with the above post, could just need a jump. Simple mistake.
  23. Old fuel in my s15

    take fuel line off the the rail in engine bay, and prime the fuel pump with the keys until the fuel is drained, the fuel is fine though, 3 months is nothing
  24. S13 auto to manual conversion question

    yes, hole is in the right spot for the manual shifter.
  25. old school G-FUNK era

    Obviously Nwa, wu tang (the latter not being of the g funk style but worth a mention) & xzibit, around 2002 is his peak imo.