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  1. But you also have my sympathy.~~~ eh, as my boss would say "sh*t happens". Luck and hope you feel better
  2. my friend drives nice cars & in my opinion he's a hoon. Only thing different about him (a.k.a. other prestige car owners) & "regular" hoons is that they can afford to pay the fine handed to them no sweat. This 60yr old is reportedly going to get about a $2000 fine. chump change in comparison to his car..
  3. Samsung Galaxy S II

    My samsung just went kaput after a few weeks...ummmm yeah back to the Ip4 -_____-' thanks samsung for the chaotic week
  4. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Ive already ordered a cover so hopefully it will come sometime next week. im finding that although this android is quite good, ip4 is more user friendly/ better screen resolution. App settings are better set out too~ (more balanced) hmmmm what does the galaxy that will wow me~ any suggestions?
  5. Samsung Galaxy S II

    If you don't like it, I'll take it off your hands Sure ^___~
  6. Samsung Galaxy S II

    I was given this phone today...it's so flimsy compared to my ip4 that I'm scared that I'll break it. ~ it's pretty good so far but I have to admit that ip4 is a lot easier to use so trial & error for me -
  7. Kung Fu Panda 2

    Kung Fu panda 2 is an awesome movie and pains me to say (coming from an avid transformer fan) hands down better than transformers 3.
  8. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

    Crap movie, optimus prime = taking coffee breaks while his followers are dying & megatron = the first transformer who looks homeless.
  9. Hey mate i actually wanted to be a Vet ask a kid up until about halfway through year 10 when my parents said they could afford to send me to Perth (at the time no Vet Schhool in SA). It was one of those things that i always wanted to do and when that was shut down i wasnt sure what i wanted to do. Now im a bit over Vet, not saying its not fantastic just for me its not my priority anymore. But the field im in now is very similar to Vet as im in a Medical career so work with peoples health. Good luck with the Vet though, will be a big change but i reckon you will love it. Ps. for anyone in this threat ive come to the realisation of two of the most important things i believe you can find out when your young in respect to your career and future. Firstly is that been at uni or in training later into life is the norm now. Nothing out of the norm to be 30 years old and looking for your first propersional job. Secondly is that remember a few years of sacrifice now when your young can pay off to a much different pathway through life and retirment. An example of this is i took a year off uni to reassess the way your heading and if that really is what you want to do. I dont want to be a person that says ill to such and such and then be 50 and say 'nope this isnt what i wanted to do all my life'. I reckon its worth while ironing out kinks and taking your time whilst your young rather than finiding out later in life your career isnt one that you want to be in and/or your financial situation isnt where you want to be. Edit: Hey Tae just out of interest who did you work for in Marketing? Thought everyone in SA that did Marketing would have headed to the Eastern States as there is no massive market for it here. Also with the Vet studies you have to do them at Roseworth Campus dont you, bit of a drive? Havent looked into it for a while so not sure but do you do 3 years of Animal Studies and then do 3 years at Roseworthy or is it 6 years straight at Roseworthy now that they built that new campus? Sorry for the late reply, i've been on holidays ^^. yes it IS at the roseworthy campus >< but its worth it. I found out that i officially got in yesterday. Its 3 years doing science (pre-vet) then another 3 years for doctor in veterinary medicine. so its pretty much 6 straight years. I worked in sydney for 3 months before i was able to go back to adelaide to get a sweet job. I work for news limited, so pretty much my job DOES involve marketing but its more on the public relations/advertising side of things
  10. Hey Hey

    Hey, sorry for the late reply been overseas but thanks for the insight. It definitely has helped me have a better understanding as to why people (a.k.a my bf) love cars
  11. Hey Hey

    So i've been a member for a while, yet i've never really checked ns.com out. . . My bf and his friends are avid car enthusiasts and "car talk" occurs A LOT~ I'm relatively new to the "car enthusiast" world, so i just wanted to know why you all love cars. What is it about them that makes you go.....wow, love it ^^ some insight to your world would be muchly appreciated yo. Tae
  12. i did the whole Uni thing, got my degree in Marketing and landed a pretty good job in marketing development/PR. However, I've recently had a rethink about my future and as much as i enjoy working in the marketing industry its not what i really want to do with my life. SOOOOO i will be going back to uni next year for 6 years to get a degree in veterinary science to become a veterinarian. I'm 25 and i will finish when i'm 31 but its what i want to do and i believe that its better to do something that you are passionate about rather then stay in an industry you're "ok" with but not something you have your heart set on. Good luck to you and remember its never to late to start over
  13. TN's daily 180sx....

    fatties ruin everything nice car tho, esp on that amount of $ good stuff! My bad bwahahahaha