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  1. Who drives the green silvia in bibra lake?

    heh... *can't afford it* i think i'm going to look at s13s...
  2. Who drives the green silvia in bibra lake?

    Oooo...for sale! i'll swap ya for my R33 ...is it posted on any websites? haven't noticed any green silvia where i've been looking. how much is it going for?
  3. Custom Plates

    i got [LULZORZ] on my r33.
  4. Spotted

    cruised behind [JDM S15] down the freeway till he kicked it down a gear and powered through the left lane and onto the roe hwy exit. <3 the s15.
  5. Perths most notorious areas

    oh noes...thornlie was on someone's list. imma move there soon. mmm... lol @ south lake shopping center. that's dodgy? i currently live near there...
  6. Who drives the green silvia in bibra lake?

    i didn't have time to notice what kind of interiors they were. but how many bright green silvias can there be?
  7. Going down Bibra Dr on my way home have seen a green silvia possibly S15 (I get distracted from the car as soon as i see the blonde driving) twice this week, just before 5pm. It looks freakin' sweet. I'm the white R33 [LULZORZ]. Anyone know this driver/car?