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  1. Drift Damage - The official thread

    This Is back from Nov Matsuri. It WAS a mint jzx90 cresta. Then T-Boned on school course. Shit happens, still drove sweet and doesn't even crab. Waiting for me to return lol.
  2. Ok well i am going to keep this really simple as the super detailed thread I just wrote up on this that took me literally 1 hr to write, just crashed and I lost everything... Soooo here it goes, AGAIN.. I usually figure all this mechanical shit out myself but this has truly got me stumped. Yes I have researched , and looked on the net etc... motor: CA18de problem/s: cannot accelerate normally until over 3200 rpm, then the car pulls normally. The car splutters and hesitates whenever under 3200ish , including taking off at lights, intersections, tight round abouts and in any gear. The car also cannot start by itself withough pumping the accelerator until it starts, and even then idles very low and erratically until war, wen it then idles normal. But still has very low power till the said rpm, Even when over the 3200, if u snap the throttle to WOT , in any gear, it will hesitate and not move for a few seconds. Feels like a large air or vacuum leak, but have checked, and there isn't any, but gives the same feeling, also, the car isn't misfiring, which is kinda weird. Stuff the CA has done to it, and that I've checked: Has a shortened intake, all done properly and no dodgy wiring. Battery moved to passenger side, again, properly. Has new Splitfire coil packs, and plugs are ok and has string spark, so that's not the problem . Has new fuel filter and a wrx fuel pump, and runs bp 98 so unlikely to be fuel, but will check fuel pressure tomorrow at lunch to be sure. Replaced the coolant temp sensor (the two wire one for ecu, not temp gauge) with on off my spare motor. Checked for vac and air leaks I've removed, cleaned , checked, the AAC valve unit and I think its f**ked already, which would explain why it didn't make any difference to the revs dropping when the lights are turned on or sharp turning, but I don't this the AAC would cause my current problem. Just eliminating it. Stuff not checked yet : Havent cleaned the air flow meter yet as I won't have the contact cleaner til tomorrow arvo. But i recently oiled my k&n filter and and thought, could it be possible I hav over oiled it which has eventually led to damaging the arm hot wire? Anyone done this to cause this same problem? Will also do a compression test at work tomorrow . now also a while ago the car seem to be running a bit lean ( so my stupid head thought ), and if I'm not mistaken, the adjustment screw the ca air flow meters have adjust the mixture, but shouldn't be touched from factory settings. Well I stupidly adjusted it a I'll bit to make it run richer, which was fine, and didn't notice the car running worse at all. realizing that may have been a silly thing to do I tried screwing it back to the original setting but couldn't remember where it went so its just randomly sitting somewhere.. But that was a while ago, and It wasn't doing this problem , until now, so could this be another possible cause? Also if someone could tell me how many screws out from all the way in their screw is, that'd be great. Ecu fault codes found: Did a self diagnosis on the ecu, to find 2 codes. Code 13 and 34 which are the coolant temp sensor and knock sensor. In my searching on the net I found multiple people kept getting the exact same two codes, AND had the exact same problems. A couple people replaced the knock and temp sensor, but didn't clear the codes and still had same problems as my ca ( loss of power down low, hesitating etc.) Which got me Cnfused and wondering if anyone else on here has had the same problems and actually fixed them? Why are these codes so common? So yeh sorry for the novel I hav written above ( my original one was bigger lol) but I'm trying to give as much info as I can, and will add a video tomorrow arvo. Thanks, Ben.
  3. Ghost-Mobile

    get ready for casedog's rage agreed btw
  4. NEEDS UPDATING URGENTLY (below) ok, well last year in may i made amembers ride thread but only maintained it for a couple of days! and now its gone haha. so i will start from scratch. Model: 1990 Nissan Silvia S13 CA18de Modifications: Engine + exhaust: custom 2 1/4 inch straight through catback exhaust (no cannon!) K&N pod + Shortened intake "high flow" cat platinum plugs Nismo engine mounts Cusco extractors with new intermediate pipe Splitfire coils Transmission: Manual conversion Kaaz 2way Lsd EXEDY HD cushion button clutch DET box Wheels + suspension: 16x8 XXR 002 / 0 offset 205/50 front, 205/55 rear New ISC coilovers rear subframe pineapples! ISC tie rods + ends Tuneagent Castor arms GKtech castor arms Fully stripped ( cept dash and some plastics) 25 mm Ultra Racing rear sway bar New links cusco Rear strut brace Nismo strut brace Front To Do list: shortened intake pineapples gtr grill extractors other things il mention later The story Well i bought this car for my Ls last year in May. The car was auto, had stock exhaust, fully sik 17inch chromes, stock height (bought king springs and kyb struts but then got coils). NOW for some pics. But il try keep it up to date. Enjoy Ben
  5. I wont post the pics up just yet as i am STILL sorting through them. So il post a few videos for now 1st vid is all my main crashes/fails 2nd is footage of Touge Course only 3rd is of school course only (it has music i know but im uploading another without it.) still alot more to come.
  6. OK , well My lazy ass has not posted SHIT since iv been back from japan, so i guess i better get into gear and upload some photos and footage tonight. And thanks lloyd^ for helping cussion the blow XD
  7. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Good to known I'm not the only one. iOS6 sucks balls. Miss trolling NS in my lunch break for vids.
  8. Joeys R33 4 door

    Yeah most was Sunday morning. A lot if footage is of the damn diff single pegging and understeer. And got no footage of the dipper track Should got more footage. Looove the flutter .
  9. Joeys R33 4 door

    i have alot more footage, but most of it looks the same.
  10. Joeys R33 4 door

    heres just an iphone vid of you doing the 3-6 track whislt i wait for the other video to upload. Go pro footage is taking forever. hopefully itl be on here before tomorow morning dude. and lol at the s15 at the start, 360 attempt? lol/
  11. ok another cool update! a few months ago i ordered a Genuine URAS N+ aero kit for the sil, and it finally arrived These kits are so rare to actually see, let alone find pics of. i only test fitted half of it tonight but it got dark and it needs very minor adjustments to the body of the car in places its dented to fit the bumper properly. Im really impressed on how nice it looks compared to the usual big flary kits.
  12. Joeys R33 4 door

    Stay tuned for tonight! Videos WILL be uploaded of the boat in action!
  13. alrighty. So finally got onto getting some better wheels to skid on for ebisu matsuri. ( no way was i running those chrome 18s. ) For my steerers, i got these this morning and also ordered some New 235/40r17s Federal 595ss tyres for them. CST Hyper Zero1 17x9 +30 ( i tried to keep the same offset as 33 gtr wheels as i know they sit very nice on a jzx90) and i also bought these to skid on whilst im there, its a bonus they came with tyres too so its a couple less i had to order. R33 Gtr wheels: Damn pic didnt work, but you know what they look like. And over the weekend i should be uploading alot of pics from QR matsuri peace also thanks heaps to Streeter for sending em to ebisu for me! such a big help and easy to deal with.
  14. OK pinkys update ! first off , quick video of the jzx90 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=415969311771953 (this was before diff rebuild) also i found this pic on a blog on the net of my other s13 just before the crash looks quite nice Ok, so i decided to attack the wiring first of in pinky as i really want the BARE minimum for road use, and thats it. None of the lights, indicators, nothing, worked in the car so i had to hunt down a few things from the blue car. first the dash came out to pick and chose lil bits. yuk! after gathering what i needed, i taped the loom back together, and this is what i came up with obviously i will be running a dash and cluster, but this is essentially what itl look like underneath . Next it was time to get rid of all the un needed wiring from the fuse box back to the tailights. After taping all the loom back up, it was literally 1/3 the thickness and so so so much neater. NEXT came time to remove the awful sound deadening. Only the front half needs a bit more cleaning but its pretty much done Next, it was time to swap the rear end from the blue car to the pink car, and vice versa. So over the weekend, me and casey ( Kaul observed ) swapped subframes. We installed solid SPL subframe bushes/risers ( i am definately writing a how to on it, as it is no where near as hard as people make it out to be , took us 5 mins per bush, NO FIRE!) , installed GKTECH camber and toe arms, 2way blah blah blah: YUMMY THere is a few more things but im hella tired and cbf sifting through more pics. So yeah , PEACE/ ps, Joey hooked me up with a non BOV crossover pipe for the rb so now i hav not BOV through the bonnet , just dose thanks man
  15. hello! well, finally an update. both cars are STILL off the road ( de regoed the blue car for japan $ ) and iv been mainly focusing on getting shit organised for japan, and still doing stuff to the RB sil. OK well, first up, on the 9th of september, i bought my matsuri drift car for japan! Its a jzx90 cresta with a tasteful amount of mods . The plan is to skid the car at ebisu for a few days, including matsuri, then leave it there til the next time i go over. Definately going to be changing the wheels as im not keen on 18s and not really into chrome. I didnt want a car too clean as it will probably get a bit touched up during matsuri but im plannig on keeping it in a reasonably clean condition. OK enough talk, more pics. LIST: Mods: Freshly rebuilt 2way lsd ORC Super Single Clutch 18” Alloys (Front Grenade, Rear Work) Ganador Mirrors Front Slit Rotors Aftermarket Front Pipe/Decat Aftermarket Exhaust System Cusco Full Tap Coilovers Ito Auto Service Knuckles JZX110 Tie Rod Ends (Longer than other JZX Models) Project MU Front & Rear Pads Weld Solid LSD Mounts HKS Air cleaner (New Insert) Apexi Rad Cap Greddy Profec B Spec 2 Boost Controller HID Headlights Nardi Steering Wheel Aftermarket Shift Knob Recaro Recliner so yeah thats that cannot wait to drift it! ok i have alot more news and updates for the pink car but il just post this for now as my laptops likes to crash. TBC!
  16. n/a TALK <<

    i remember learning to drift with a 3.9, shimmed lsd. That was pretty tuff in a ca18de haha. But man, 4.3 2way is where its at, SOOOO much better. @ thriller: it will be atleast a 3.9 id say.
  17. S13 Silvia, aero 200kw

    its a straight bolt on, easy as. Mowbuss: Nice car man. what plans do you have for it in the near future?
  18. Yes definitely check the codes jay.^ look up how to put your ecu into diagnostic mode (googles ya friend). Dan: my car was a non turbo ca which just really didn't like the pump lol. I've swapped it into the other car (rb) with zero problems
  19. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    We are staying at the drifters lodge man. And damn u casey, this makes my cresta look poor lol. Il have to match it with 33gtr or other cool wheels. Not long now!
  20. Yeah, well the half moon is apparently only there to help locate the cam to CAS position. So with only half the moon, I had to Just guess and keep "splining" the two cam drive to the internal spline onthe CAS. So it was still connect in the end. But the car is now off the road for good. No more ca for me, rb time. And jay70: yeah mine was exactly the same. What fuel pump or mods do u have?
  21. Sorry for the late reply, I actually never sorted the issue out (if ur refuring to the hesitating/bogging down) . Although, I had the car tuned in hope for some light shed on the issue, and turned out to be the car way over fueling due to my Bosch 040 fuel pump haha, so he made it a tad better but was never going to be normal . so yeah if u have the exact same issue, it very well could be running way too rich. Also I never needed to get a new cam or CAS, I just had to keep guessing and turning the CAS drive until it finally started, wouldn't think it'd be hard but took me a good hr! Hope this helps
  22. Jono's 89 CA18DE Two Tone Aero

    im liking the car man. Just thought id share this with you haha, go bored.
  23. kris's A31 Cefiro

    this just turned into my favourite thread on NS . *drool*
  24. kris's A31 Cefiro

    They are some seriously cool photos, specially the action shots ^ When are we going to see some footage? They are some seriously cool photos, specially the action shots ^ When are we going to see some footage? They are some seriously cool photos, specially the action shots ^ When are we going to see some footage?
  25. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Kriss, u have made my day. Those pics are crazy orgasmic, and has got me soooo pumped for november. And I didn't know u could bring wheels back on planes lol. Looks like u had a ball!