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  1. What kit is this

    Super made front, rear guards and boot lip and the bodykit is final kennixion
  2. 2001 Nissan 200sx - $100

    Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $100 Condition : Used In great condition price is also neg
  3. Show us your RIDE!

    hussie u bigkunt whats going on bro hows the new job bro is the 180 ready to pull 300kw? mine is running like hell bro gotta order a new manifold and exhaust now, yeah my car was at daves man i need to positive camber the bak now i want flushed then dumped just waiting on new exhaust system.
  4. Show us your RIDE!

    d beast - thanks for the comment bro i think i met u at supercheap onetime aye uve got the yellow 180sx ? great shots micheal mad photographer keep em coming might have to do some private shots with them models uve got lol obsessd = he did the work for me to man , no worries
  5. Show us your RIDE!

    thanks bro all show no go though yours looks as tough as well did u get dave to paint that?
  6. Show us your RIDE!

    this is my baby
  7. My RB26 S15

    good build bro huge inspiration to me def be following ur build gl with the build hope all goes good
  8. thats the bonnet i want man its a origin type 2 bonnet
  9. Spotted cars

    spotted two chicks cruising in s15s very tasty modded cars one purple and pearl white girls are doing better then the boys
  10. Need S15 rolling shell

    hit up the corparal christian pickering think he wants to part out his car and sell the shell separtly worth a try
  11. aye bro love this build got mad respect for you just wondering if you have custom plates cause this came to my mind W15E 2 i reckon it would suit your car bro considering your bodykit and car model. gl with the build cant wait for final product all the best
  12. looking mad post some pics up bro u should ask tall pauls missus to trim the rears and doors for u apparently she trimed his doors what happen with the gtcs? didnt like em just got my set from streeter in black though cars looking good bro ready for another mag feature tc
  13. ryan car is looking hot bro all u need is to put some brides in ur cabin man still the best looking s15 ive seen to date good work.
  14. Spotted cars

    spotted first vertex lang kitted s15 in darwin with black gtc's watch out