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  1. Make : TOYOTA COROLLA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $1,200 Condition : Used Hey guys. Throwing this ad up for a friend. He is selling 2 KE55s. The red one in the photos is running, but unregistered. The other would be good for parts (or dropping in an sr20....). Located in Goulburn, NSW If you'd like any more info or photos of the other car, contact Brad on 0413125827.
  2. my OC'd computer de-clocked itself?

    Sometimes my mainboard shits itself and resets to default settings for absolutely no reason. Probably the same thing.
  3. Which way does your wang hang?

    Thread of the year, all years.
  4. Park It Hard! A shitbox skyline rebuild

    I don't care what people say about R33s, this thing is hot. Nice thread, good read .
  5. CA18DET Full Boost at What RPM?

    how much are you running for "full boost". I'm not expert at all, but you should be seeing peak way earlier than that.
  6. s15 jerking at high revs

    Happened to me when I owned my 180sx. Turns out the silicone joiner had slipped off the FMIC and I have a badass boost leak. Can you hear anything that sounds like a boost leak?
  7. You're sure having a lot of trouble giving away a BBQ.
  8. Witcher 2

    Right here man. Just started and finished the starting dungeon flashbacks. This is going to be amazing.
  9. Local PARTS for sale

    Whyyyy???? If your rear bar isn't smashed I might grab it...
  10. My 180sx and 1984 300zx

    Both looking good, mate. Welcome to the forum. Although, I'm going to the be first of many to say - get yourself some stock tail lights for that 180
  11. Local PARTS for sale

    Fixed Time will tell. They're local so I'll suss it out before I hand over the dollars.
  12. Local PARTS for sale

    Ah thats cool man. i know the ones. I'll see how much spare coin i have after rego and tyres for my $350 CR-Kais .
  13. Local PARTS for sale

    I read it as "pants for sale" and thought "why the hell are you selling your pants on NS, dude" haha I'm an idiot. Can I get a pic of the turbo timer, while I'm here?
  14. Vinyl Wrapping - Best Place Sydney

    Pretty sure I saw the Carbon Demon MX-5 in Goulburn one day a little while ago. Looks damned great.