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  1. I have a leak aswell, but mines coming from where the connection and the top plate are connected, ive taken the o'rings out and tried to put 2 others in it, im having so much trouble trying to get them in. I jumped underneith and found the lines go up to where i cant reach to remove the line. Is there a easier way? what should be my next move?
  2. S15 2002, SR Build with conversions

    Here is the run-in tune they sent me via mms to my fone, so its not the greatest. Made 200kw @ 5500 with 6psi. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKXT4Azu5Ts&context=C33f2aa1ADOEgsToPDskJO4BnpYgAaM13ziOiR_XQS
  3. Hey all, as in my build post, my car should be too far away. i have to run it in first, but after its run in. what u think the following should make, Stroker kit, crank, rods, pistons steal head gasket polished head, larger valves, bigger springs custom cams hypertune plenum, throttle body, fuel rail 2000 id injectors, 2nd fuel pump gtx3582r turbo between 20-25psi depending on power, we have a limit larger sump oil cooler kit cant think of anything else atm
  4. ive heard u should get around 10-15kw per psi
  5. S15 2002, SR Build with conversions

    Ok, here is a test fit
  6. ok np. and redline hey, its a reco box. so mt-90 is the go? should i not use lightweight shock proof for the power range?
  7. i've been told around 400rwkw and over need sleeving
  8. hey all, was thinking of using NEO for my oil but is that the best one to use? its going to be a everything car, track, drag, maybe some drift. its not finished yet but should produce between 350-440rwkw. whats the best oil to use? Also, is it possible to put an oil cooler for the gearbox?
  9. Hey all, Building a track/everything else car and i need an upgraded radiator, larger core etc you get my drift........what should i go for, i want the size and quality..... cheers.
  10. Where to learn

    Hey all, ill be the first to admit, i cant drift for s**t. i'd like to have a go when the car gets done but i dont want to wreck it either, i've had a couple of practices in the industrial area late at night, it went ok. had a couple of spin outs which was pretty fun in itself hehe. wheres the best place to learn without things, people or cars to be in the way? cause when im drifting, doesnt matter whats in the way, i aint stopping!
  11. 190 rwkw S15 First run down the 1/4 mile

    no way. just cause u get a good 60ft dont mean a 12. i'd be happy with a 13.4 like old mate said
  12. 190 rwkw S15 First run down the 1/4 mile

    i found with stock suspention (with king springs) i was getting axle tramp, but with coilovers on abit harder, it wasnt.......
  13. Hey all, im after an oil cooler but there are quite a few to choose from, i want the best one available. these are the ones ive seen/interested in The 25 Row Setrab with other bits as its not a kit The 16 Row Greddy kit (with filter relocation) its going to be used for everything but the cooler is for track use. what you guys think?
  14. S15 to S14 gearbox swap

    why does it have the s15 box in it anyway, surely the s14 box would be better.