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  1. For Sale: Power FC + Hand Controller To Suit 96-99 Back Top SR20DET (414AN017) Condition: Brand new never used comes with everything in box Price: $1000 Negotiable Location: Sutherland Shire Contact: 0411554254
  2. kk thankyou will order a td05 very soon
  3. well forget the power just if there is much to put one of these on or are they a direct swap as i have searched for that and found nothing
  4. Quick question im after response and am under the impression the td05 18g? is the best for that i have a sr blacktop out of a type x with power fc z32 fmic 740cc exhaust etc would that be a straight swap from my t25 or would there be some moddifying what type of power could i expect or does anyone have one of these with similar mods http://shopping.kinugawaturbo.com/kinugawaturbohyundaigenesistd05h16g300ps-2-2-2-1-1-2-1.aspx thats the one i was looking at or should i go 16 or 18g? would love to have around 200kw with as much response as possible thanks guys
  5. 180sx cold start problems

    how would the moisture get in that sounds abit dramatic i bet its something simple. whats the chances of it being something like that. ive heard tps sensor afm or iacv could be the cause
  6. 180sx cold start problems

    I have a similar problem but mine kicks over but won't idle when cold just stalls. Let me know how you go as it might be related gl
  7. Black NA Silvia

    Looks nice mate keep up the good work
  8. DRIFTWORKS - Complete Catalogue Available

    hey buddy with the JapSpeed 3" Exhaust - Shotgun Style do you only sell it cat back or can u buy just the tip? if so how much to 2229 nsw cheers
  9. hey buddy can you get the oil temp oil pressure and water temp in 52mm bf blue? or just 60mm. I wanted to mount the 3 in a din plate for s13 or would the 3 in 60mm fit also. So could i have a quote on those 3 please with an additional 60mm boost in psi bf blue to 2229 NSW cheers
  10. 7000rpm cut out?!

    me got the exact same problem and mine has been converted from auto to manual its no biggy but in the future if me wanted to get it fixed what needs to be done to fix the speed sensor
  11. misfiring .... i think..

    me have same problem with s14 engine in s13 running s13 ecu etc anyone have any ideas? dosent happen all the time also sometimes stop when i turn my lights off at night never stalls but drops rapidly sometimes sr20de full zorst pod thats it cheers soz for hijac
  12. Maybe cops arn't all that bad?

    why cant u drive a 180 on your ps i thought u were alowed if its not turbo