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    Been on this cruise, was kinda an outkast cause me and afew mates were only asians, and not much import cars just mostly i mean ALOT of Ford and Commodores, got bored so we left, BUT afew of them were nice to talk with.
  2. Hills Cruise... July 5th...

    Send me Details, pretty bored cruising with small amout of cars, ill let my other mates know aswell.
  3. Drift school dates?

    Pretty much Mallala, is the only place in adelaide you can practice drifting.
  4. please delete

    Woah! loving the colour, looks real nice, how much did the whole paint etc setup cost ya?
  5. s13 got trashed last night! :)

    Bloody wankers i feel your pain, afew months ago my silvia got broken into at the mechanic workshops near Arndale, all they stole was my gearknob and whole bunch of CD's, they broked the side window near the pillar and opened the door. GL with everything.
  6. Fishing spots in Adelaide

    Theres a great fishing spot near Westlakes, been there afew times and caught myself pretty big Bream Fish or something or the jetty near Semophore called the Grange Jetty, you can catch the whiting fish there, i got alot of fishing spots if your interested let me know ill send ya a pm of the locations.