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  1. What song to remix?

    whats terrible that junk like this is so what turned into the mainstream in Melbourne with horrid places like TFU, WAH WAH et all thank f**k the techno scene in melbourne is starting to thrive and big names are being brought out here or i would never leave my place to go clubbing
  2. deadhau5

    well, only few months old... still from 2009 Released March 09, i the CD cases of most big name internationals since late 08 not exactly new but easily one of the best, if not the best tune from 2009
  3. Vicroads Rant

    Lol, i changed my plates to custom ones, went into vic roads and handed in the form, she said yeah its all done no worries you now attach the plates, changed the plates, 6 months later get my new rego sticker in the mail with my old number plates on it, ring up to see WTF, vic roads has no record of me every changing my plates, so i had been driving around for 6months without regestered plates, luckly i hadnt been pulled over in that time. f**king retards
  4. JBN Sensation Mini Mix

    Hey guys, made a short min mix for the sensation DJ comp 1 - Deadmau5 - Strobe 2 - Pryda - Melo 3 - Steve Angello Vs Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso - Together Monday (JBN Bootleg) 4 - Arno Cost Vs Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Leave The Souvenir Behind (Filip Jenvén & JP Serano Bootleg) 5 - Cirez D Vs Axwell - Watch The Sunrise On Off (JBN Bootleg) Duration: 29min 55secs Size: 27mb Quality: 128kpbs http://www.megaupload.com/?d=80VEK2XC
  5. Flo Rida Jump

    Chocolate Puma Remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0iGfICMoqE
  6. I know how the process works my family has been in the Industry for over 35years and me and my brothers and dad built our house in Yarrambat There are certain standards of what is acceptable in the idustry and if it doesnt meet that i will make them fix it, also settlement wont take place till after im completely happy so he wont get his money until its done, so i doubt he wont be willing to fix things if his going to out of pocket a few hundred thousand
  7. Yeah your right its pretty straight forward Alex. Pretty much the best advice if your not in the industry, your better off just buying land and getting a big builder to build something or buying house and land package, but the thing with big builders is if you want to change anything from there standard plans they will slug you a packet because all of there frame work is mass produced so any changes require on site building of the frame.I was speaking to a good mate of mine who owns Orbit Homes and they charge threw the ass to have minor movements of walls and door ways and things. The only problem i would have with a big builder is most tend to use cheap fixtures and fittings and dodgy kitchens. Im going through the process now and any small deviation from the plans or cost cutting the builder uses iam going slam him and anything that i feel was not done properly ill make him do it again
  8. JBN August Tech Mixup

    JBN August Tech Mixup 1 - Sasha - Xpander (16 Bit Lolita's Redo) 2 - Made by Monkeys Feat Darcy Conroy - I Think Of You (Rui Da Silva Remix) 3 - Pan Pot - Confronted 4 - Paul Ritch - Carrrrrmba (Monkey Mix) 5 - Cirez D - On Off 6 - Mind X - Amygdala (Main Mix) 7 - MOS - Emotional Distortion (Popof Remix) 8 - Paolo Mojo - Howards House 9 - Daniel Portman - Dark Is The Night For All http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0O2REBHC
  9. Stereosonic

    You must be joking about the parklife lineup? Aeroplane, eorl alkan, cvs, kaskade, the rapture, metric, tiga etc. Very solid lineup. MSTRKRFT have lost the plot with most of their newer releases (eg- bounce, being the shittest song), and were average at best when i saw them at 2007 parklife. Then again, i really dont like most of deadmau5's stuff, and absolutely hate crookers and the bloody beetroots. Cant believe you failed to mention surkin and dahlback in the stereo lineup too. Looks like we have very different tastes, so blehh who cares I also dont see what the big deal about crookers and the bloody beatroots is, seriously they both just produce noise, i had to turn off the BB triple j mix because it was crap just a bunch random noises Hopefully the main stage has Dahlback late afternoon with Axwell playing Sunset and then Deadmau5 followed by Fedde closing with a storming Tech/Prog set similar to the one he played at sensation on NYE
  10. JBN August Mixup

    Heres a new mix i put together today, its Electro/Progressive House 1. Denis The Meance & Big World - The First Rebirth (Dabruck & Kelin Remix) 2. Dirty South,Sebastian Ingrosso,David Guetta. Julie McKnight - How Soon Is Now 3. Modjo - Lady (Taped & Xagross Bootleg) 4. Paul Harris Ft. Sam Obernik - The Take (EDX's Acapulco At Night Remix) 5. Tv Rock - In The Air (Axwell Remix) 6. Dirty South & Sebastian Ingrosso - Meich 7. Martijn Ten Velden Vs. Red Carpet - Alright Together (Sean Sines Bootleg) 8. The Face Vs Mark Brown & Adam Shaw - Needin U (Norman Doray Eivissa Remix) 9. Hook n Sling & Adam K - Working Kings Cross 10. Temper Traps - Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix) 11. Kim Fai - Good Life 12. Wolfgang Gartner & Fancis Perve Vs La Roux - Yin For The Kill (Dave Spoon Bootleg) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6A18FNQC
  11. electro / house

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FR5JI5O4 My new mix, not really electro house but one genre with a progressive/progressive house vibe to it, will put up a tracklist tomorrow
  12. DJ set ups

    iam catching you got over 200 records now and only been using vinyl for 3months
  13. DJ set ups

    I play both, i acutally made the step backwards from Digital to Vinyl Boxhead is the true vinyl junkie
  14. Mp3 Players

    yeah that was $250 AUD as well, very happy with it, cause i didnt have to buy an IPOD and deal with the aids that is Itunes and the ZEN is just so easy to use with the drag and drop of files and it plays so many different types of Video files
  15. Mp3 Players

    ended up finding a brand new in box creative Zen Vision M identical to mine but black 60gig for $250 landed from US Ebay, thank god i didnt have to buy an ipod