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  1. Fabrication Pics Thread

    This build thread for it below. Compound turbo set up. Small turbo GT30, big GT45 which is made for a 2JZ. Its got non-return valves for both intake and exhaust. The exhaust is a Titanium non-return valve from the Russian helicopter Mi-8. http://www.aeu86.org/viewtopic/ae86/t/4328/postdays=0/postorder=asc/start=175
  2. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Well worth watching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFRLvnCoBpU
  3. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    What sort of turbos are you looking into?
  4. 2JZ S15... FOR SALE! Link on page 6.

    129xxx is on the car, take 19xxx for kms on engine. engine had a freshen up at 82xxx (car 101xxx) when engine went in with all new seals, gaskets, water pump, head came off with new head gasket abs is not functional, abs light come on at 10-15km/h air con compressor has been removed from engine, but you could go to the wreckers or search forums for one, custom plumb up all the lines and get it gassed.
  5. 2JZ-GTE Alone 594 lbs (aparently the manifold plus turbo weight 55lb) With Getrag Six Speed 746lbs ( V160 weight 152lb). 2JZ long block is supposed to be around 450 and 500 and should be really close to the 1JZ. link: http://forums.celicasupra.com/archive/index.php/t-54868.html
  6. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    Whats not better than complete carbon side skirts that would have costed mega $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?
  7. 2JZ S15... FOR SALE! Link on page 6.

    Car is forsale... http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?app=classifieds&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=8163
  8. s15 with 2jz?

    I have my 2JZ S15 forsale. You can buy my car and it would save you a lot of hassles that I have went through, and there were heaps... http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?app=classifieds&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=8163 To answer your questions: do i need a custom sway bar for the sump? No, I run a standard sway bar with an aristo sump can i run either the 5 or 6 speed box or will need need to modify the tunnel? I run an r154 gearbox 5 speed, tunnel isnt modified, the engine sits so far back that the engine has to be dropped of the mounts to completely undo the bolt attaching the gearbox. whats the best way to run the exhuast? Exhaust is tight in the engine bay, i have 4 inch dump pipe narrowly clears the steering column, then to a 3.5 straight system crossing under the gearbox the a varex muffler, its surprisingly quiet to many other exhausts ive heard. wheres the best place to buy mounts from so no issues with height or sump hitting anything? My mounts are all custom made for my car, but a few mobs in aus make them and in the US too, easily found on google any other issues i might have? Yes, lots. mostly custom work but nothing money cant fix.
  9. is it legal tow car with strap?

    Legal in QLD as well. Open link, hit Ctrl F, type towing http://www.legislati...antOpRURR09.pdf
  10. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    Dash looks awesome mate, can you get more photos up? I literately did this after reading that --->> lol. Any chance you will get another outing before you head back to QLD? Did you gather any data from your logger?
  11. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    I think the 57Ds looked better under your coffee table.
  12. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    Good stuff mate, now get it to a track day and record some vids!
  13. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    Found these on Downshiftaus.com