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  1. any adelaide fellasss

    Legal Attorney, would you take full beginners?
  2. growin up in the 90s

    ..Manchester United shirts anyone?
  3. You're doing it wrong

    I've got it on a diet..
  4. If it's not about sex go with the christian, im sure she's a very nice girl.
  5. Open Bottle-o on today! (xmas)

    Grange foodland open.
  6. Open Bottle-o on today! (xmas)

    Lakes open tonight or just drivethru?
  7. Open Bottle-o on today! (xmas)

    that place on grand juction where charlies used to be is open for abit.
  8. Not sure if this was posted but: [video=vimeo;17240262]
  9. this guy has a son older than me, interesting.
  10. The WTF do we call it thread

    Ill upload a video in a minute, found perfect s bend!!! Edit: In the minutes of trying to get a reaction out of you all, I left my car window down a smidgen.
  11. The WTF do we call it thread

    Sick street drifting weather yo!
  12. RIP supra owner.

    So I'm sure this is the passenger. http://www.facebook.com/pages/RIP-kallum-althaus/118304941569989
  13. Another death on the road

    I know the guys cousin and the people they hang around with...not suprised it has happened. Unfortunatley ill probably end up coping some new new again being a 17 year old with my P's.... RIP Didn't you get caught speeding trying to race someone?
  14. The WTF do we call it thread

    Have some respect mate, it's horrible situation, poor parents finding out their teen son died out the front of his own school. His brother is now left without a brother.