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  1. damn forgot about this thread been way to long. i have been driving the car for a while now and enjoying every bit of it. here is the dyno of the std engine if anyone is interested other than that im building a boosted 1uz for it but im happy with the current setup for now
  2. Finally all my electronic shit showed up. Not long now just needs wire and tune
  3. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    Love the raw footage mate. Well done
  4. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    Awesome mate. I need your motivation
  5. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    Awesome stuff. I always liked them it worked well in my old s13 years ago.
  6. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    How is the nistune going these days didn't know you could tune them to e85. I'll be using a g4 xtream in mine for flex fuel
  7. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    Yep same as toymods once classifieds went to book face that when down hill also. Witch is a shame as I don't have it or ever will I just use my missus if I absolutely must. I miss forum full of car nuts and there knowledge and ideas. I feel atm I'm just building a car I like and nowhere to go for advice or idea or even events coming up.... Back on topic I still love builds like thos. Driver builds that get used get my going
  8. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    Secret drift? Never heard of it I'll have a look. For memory wasn't jamjam from Bendigo.
  9. S1 BN/DMAX widebody s14 drift car

    That's a awesome build mate. And yeah all forums are dead now....thanks to book face. Hopefully I'll be having the fun your having soon enough. What track is that at in last pick?.
  10. Got the temporary intake pipe made that gives me the clearance from the brake line in the engine bay
  11. Had a win finally. Found a near new set of Japan brides for the Cressy. Guy had them new from j land 6 years ago and never installed them. Have a few minor marks on the rear but other than that there mint. Mack likes them too
  12. And don't take notice of the fuel lines hanging down as they will be getting re-routed
  13. Pretty sure he followed the firing order. If he hasnt on the drivers I'm sure it for fitment as the steering shaft is the biggest reason no one does extractors for the 1uz into x83
  14. Here is some update picks with the zorst fitted