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  1. Shit talkers' thread

    wow that's some amazing shit.... didn't know turbo power was determined by weight! what have i been doing wrong?!?!? 120kg of nos... lucky it didn't blow the welds on the intake...
  2. S15 v2 - Now going SR20VET!

    tight evo dude! and that's one slammed audi too
  3. The avengers

    he's the team tactician, team leader iron man is mainly a solo character, too up himself to be a leader
  4. im not sure that's very accurate dude my car does 132mph, what's my power then?
  5. What exhaust?

    4" mandrel bend turbo back, no mufflers, no cat,
  6. you should be able to hit 200rwkw quite easily no air filter no exhaust from dump back 15psi on your setup, 200kw should be no worry
  7. Inlet manifolds

    +1 to keeping the stock manifold i had my rail custom made to fit my top feeds, not sure if you wanna go down this track though?
  8. i've got this clutch in my car it's a gun clutch, i highly rate it they do have a friction point, it's a fine line, but it's there and it's definitely stiffer than a factory clutch, much stiffer
  9. Sr20de-det Radiators

    it will be okay to fit not sure why you need it though
  10. Kazz 1.5way LSD

    +1 to sounding hectic and everyone looking at you in carparks.
  11. Kazz 1.5way LSD

    this method i use even with a kaaz 2-way does get a little annoying though
  12. Good experiences with cops

    i wouldn't say that's a good experience...