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  1. Living overseas now and wanting to get rid some items I have left in AU S13 CA18DET AFM PN: 22680-53A10 - $30 S13 BM-44 BMC - $40 S15 SR20DET Coil Packs ~110km - $150 S15 Standard ADM Tail Lights incl. loom, bulbs - $100 S15 D-Max Smoked LED Tail Lights - $150 S15 Standard ADM Pewter Rear Bar - $200 Pick up only, from Panania NSW 2213 Call me Ivan @ (zero)4(zero)3886786 Will not post, prices are firm, will not negotiate, will not swap or trade unless the swap or trade is for cash Item: Some random S13/S15 parts Description: All in good cond. Price: As above Location: Panania NSW 2213 Willing to post?: NO Contact: Ivan @ (zero)4(zero)3886786
  2. S15 Tail Light Issues

    i knew it would be some obscure thing hopefully yashio's are available at the end of the month from streeter i could not be arsed taking the amp out / etc one more time for a 2$ lightbulb
  3. as long as your sub is under 1000watts and you dont hit 88mph, i dont see it causing a problem.
  4. new to nissan silvia's

    if people didn't mention ke's starting 3 years ago they would be still cheap as fk !@$#@
  5. hi

    hey mate, any pics? weapon choice for a base
  6. Silvia events

  7. it does look awesome but unless you've had a scrape or whatever i wouldnt bother. check out the technical section you should be able to find one or two howto's..
  8. A Hey Hey

    nice man, anything other than the standard engine mods?
  9. Power Steering fluid leaks in s13/180's

    definately taking a look at the rack in his profile pic
  10. 3 WORD STORY

    in the ear