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  1. Yeah but what light do they control, is the outside one high beam and middle one low beam/main headlight? Also what type of globes have you got in each? Cheers
  2. So you have the same silvia lights as in the picture? The inner light is a fog light right? What is the outer light?
  3. All wheels are $115 each including shipping australia wide as mentioned above.
  4. Can someone with a S13 with the same headlights at least tell which plug goes to which light and what they look like. I have the main 3 pin plug, and two other 2 pin plugs, one with black and a green, the other with a black and a red. Which one is driving light, which one is main low beam and which is high beam.
  5. I have done a onevia conversion on my track car and now has come the time to make the headlights work. I can find heaps of info on making the motors work for movement of the pop-ups but when it comes to the actual lights they usually just say 'it plugs straight in'. So far I have connected up the 3 prong plug into the 3 prong headlight globe, then I try turning the lights on and nothing happens and it also shows that highbeams are on shown on the dash but they the light stalk is not put into highbeam. There are two plugs that went into the original s13 headlights but I removed them so long ago I have no idea what they went to. This is what headlights were in my car before i took them out. I guess one projector is high and one is low beam, i think i remember one being spliced off the other when I took it off. A dodgdy home job by the previous owner. If they are two different plugs, how do i combine them to go into one on the 180 lights?
  6. Well I just put the battery in its original position, a little tight there and at an angle thanks to the new intercooler piping, but was able to get the original cables hooked up and it started fine. So I guess i am gonna have to make better connection points, and hopefully I can find a good ground.
  7. I didnt get rid of it yet, wiped the excess off but didnt really clean it well before. I had a thought it could be to help it but it was so dirty looking I wasnt convinced. What if I extend the negative cable through a hole in the boot and bolt it to the chassis rail, surely that should earth it.
  8. Is electrical cleaner protector different from electrical contact cleaner? I had some of that I used, but it didnt get all of it cause it was too slimy. I need a tiny brush to get into the plug connection. I just used a new battery connection for the end of the cable and i scraped the paint away from the negative mounting point on the chassis before i bolted it down.
  9. Havent done anything with a multimeter yet, mainly cause i dont know how to use it properly. Battery box in boot, earthed straight down to chassis in boot. Ran 2 guage cable to front of the car and connected the original postive lead to it. Maybe could have moved something near the drivers footwell where i put the wire through the firewall? It did the same thing yesterday but on the third go it stayed on, today is wont stay on. Actually now I remember that two plugs that attach to the positive terminal when I disconnected them, the inside of the plug looked it will was filled with creamy ointment. Maybe that needs a clean, any tips how to get rid of that gunk? Anyone know what these two plugs connect to exactly?
  10. I have been working on my car recently and finally finished everything and go to start it today and the speedo is fine for 2 seconds then it goes straight up to 180km and the car stalls out. What would be causing this? Its a S13 CA18DET What I have done is; - new radiator - car ran fine after test running for a few mins - removed a/c system from engine bay - car ran fine after test running for a few mins - new intercooler - car ran fine after test running for a few mins - last thing i have done battery relocation to boot - car stalls and speedo goes up I am thinking its a speed sensor issue making it think its going faster so it gets too much fuel. Where is speed sensor? The rpm looks ok on the guage while this is happening. Should I disconnect the afm to see if will stay on for a bit?
  11. Who can weld my diff?

    had my shimmed for about 9 track days so far no hassle.... hammering it left right and center and still tight as ya mum. What size shims did you use? 1.1 as well? Is shimming reversible? I'd say welding not so reversible
  12. Who can weld my diff?

    Bought the same price, from what I have been offered. And did it last because its your daily or was it a track car? cause this is for the track car so it has to withstand some punishment :-)
  13. Who can weld my diff?

    I think i'll go weld, keep reading about shims work ok for a while then loosen up again, weld seems definite. Tell me otherwise.
  14. Who can weld my diff?

    Do you know where to get them or how i figure out which ones I need? Do I just go to nissan and get some shims?
  15. Who can weld my diff?

    Bummer, or anyone selling a welded diff or cheap 2-way?