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  1. Hi guys, i'm after a catback exhaust for my r34 gtr and it needs to be 3.5'' or more (internal diameter). What options do I have as I want to pay for a jap brand like HKS/tomei? Please let me know whats available and where I can buy from? cheers
  2. Looking at buying Evo 7,8 or 9

    I'd rather buy a car with higher k's that has been maintained than getting one with very limited service history and low kms... but then thats just me. I know what that guy is like when it comes to servicing of his cars and so on, he had a silver 05sti with 110,000kms on the clock and not even one mark... Still the best 05sti I've seen in adelaide no doubt.
  3. Looking at buying Evo 7,8 or 9

    maybe I should buy Sanjeets and whack on some rims on it eh? hmmmm... decisions decisions
  4. Looking at buying Evo 7,8 or 9

    Very nice- congrats! Jason really took care of that car, each time it went onto the track it was serviced immediately after. Good buy.
  5. Looking at buying Evo 7,8 or 9

    which one did you pick up? What mods does it have and how much power?
  6. Looking at buying Evo 7,8 or 9

    3.5 months to be exact... but he's not sure if he wants to sell it anymore- a bit undecided really!
  7. Looking at buying Evo 7,8 or 9

    My mate has a red one for sale on carsales in excellent condition. I think he's asking for 38k but he's negotiable. Evo 9 with full service history and some good mods.
  8. hi

    ah k.... any clue what he has now? we use to own a shop and his folks were the landlord he had the 2 99 WRX then the civic then the sti. that car must be pushing harder now....i think it was at 200kw at all fours on the dyno day He has another white MY99, we exchanged cars and I had to pay the difference. Its making 240kw atw right now, upgraded intercooler, cold air intake and a few other things. haha. desi power ftw!
  9. hi

    hey, yes i bought the car from dave. And spent a lot more on it too!
  10. hi

    thanks for the comments guys. Sun_one, I have owned a black car before. NEVER AGAIN!
  11. hi

    Hey mate, yes i recognise your username too. I drive a silver 05 sti (and it has a wing). I just completed my chemical engineering and finance at adelaide uni for those of you that really want to know- and I was an international student.
  12. hi

    e30_project- I don't work for anybody mate, still at uni. thanks. I'll try to put up some photos of the rexy once i figure out how to go around it.
  13. hi

    Hi guys, my name is Sanjeet. I've been around the forums for quite a while and thought i should introduce myself. I currently drive a Subaru Impreza 05 sti, but i'm buying an R34 gtr to use as a track car. cheers, Sanjeet