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  1. Edit.. I deleted because it's been covered
  2. oh ok got a bit lost without the pic, yea I see what your saying but thats obviously a full on racecar, I mean like the ones you get with some bodykits like there was a pretty full on looking carbon diffuser thing hanging out the back of S7 RX7 today (I'll try find a pic) and he had a standard tank etc. Are these just for looks or would they provide useful extra stability?
  3. ^^yea isn't the wing in the one you posted is attached to the body not the hatch? like I was saying that means holes in the bodywork
  4. I was thinking it's not bolted to the wing or boot on top at all, just sits flush tight against it, that way it'll just eliminate the downwards flex. So that you can open it normally and will have two struts sitting there, if you close your boot it simply shuts down onto the two struts nice and tight. Allows you to open and close the bonnet normally. Open boot, bolt the struts to the floor for the track day, close boot lid. Finished the day on track, open boot remove the struts for boot space. I'm also going to get a wing that I can simply remove for the street with 4 bolts as in the picture. Leaving the bottom on the boot, but taking the wing and struts off. I mean it's a bit of work, but really trying to use it a streeter and something that holds its own on the track. Simply can't afford both. ^^Thats exactly where im at mate I just got home from sunday super sprints in my 180 have it loaded up with a set of old semi slicks on stock 15's in the back, get there do the tyres swap empty the car of all excess weight fit the rear strut brace and smash out some lap times I got fastest in my group beating a range of cars even a 80's 911 turbo running a full cage and slicks! Then swap everything back at the end of the day load the car up drive it an hour home, then when I get home I empty it all out and put the baby seat back in the back seat (for my 2 year old son) and drive it to work the next day because I cant afford to run 2 cars.. I like your idea 1jz for the brace under the hatch to the floor but not permanent, I was thinking along the same lines and you could reinforce the hatch under it with some steel plate to spread the load more evenly.. You could also go with a wide wing like bling commander posted up that attaches to the body not the hatch and just attach it when your ready to race, but that means holes in the body work which im not too keen on, my hatch is rusty anyway so I dont mind molesting it for a wing, I could do all the work myself so its free other than time as long as I can take the wing off after the track and still open the hatch its good.. How about rear diffusers anyone had much experience with using them and the actual benefits that can be expected in a road car that races?
  5. Thats a sweet looking build tripod and if my car stops being my daily I would consider doing something similar.. As for my cars ride I'm running HKS hyper D coilovers & cusco strut braces, I was only considering the wing because I could pick one up for $200 so its a relatively cheap mod IF I saw some actual gains from it.. Well for the moment I've decided to get some more practice at the track (Lakeside this Sunday for a full day) and see how much I can get my times down then maybe I'll go for the wing and reinforce the hatch lid under the wing with some steel plate and make a front splitter of some sort, then see what difference it makes to my times.. Another question for you guys in the know, if I can only afford either a front OR rear sway bar upgrade which would you go for? Front or Rear or just wait till I can afford both?? cheers t
  6. Thanks for the responses guys I agree with what your saying. I have been out to the track a few times and it feels a bit floaty thru the high speed sections hence why Im considering the wing but like I said Im pretty dubious about whether it will have any noticeable effect.. So has anyone out there put a large wing like this on their car and noticed any difference on the track??? cheers
  7. Hey guys Im going back to lakeside raceway and im thinking about fitting a big carbon wing like the picture to my 180sx in the hope it will help in the high speed sections. The high speed sections are one corner is 170kph and another section over the hill is 100-120kph The spoiler will only be fitted to the hatch I realise that for it to have a major effect it has to be connected to the chassis but this isn't really an option as I need to open the hatch. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of setup on the track? Will it make any noticeable difference or is it a waste of time? I hope to get a response from some people who have some practical experience cheers
  8. pineapples couples quick Q's

    cheers for replies guys new question now haha I edited original post with question and photos
  9. OK so I bought a 'shimmed' R200 off a guy and chucked it in the 180 last weekend and im just not 100% thats its not just welded.. I've never driven a car with a shimmed LSD so Im not sure if it should judder so much even when your hardly turning, you cant really turn in carparks at all the wheels skip around hard like its welded really, but maybe not quite that bad.. Has it just had alot of shim put in it? The guy reckoned option 1 had shimmed it not long ago and I checked the oil it was fresh, would this explain its near on locked feeling will it loosen up???? Cheers for any helpful advice in advance
  10. pineapples couples quick Q's

    Bingo.. thats a good start cheers for that
  11. ok so I fitted the pineapples but im not sure if they are the correct ones for the positions I fitted them can anyone tell me if they look right?? I fitted them in the all around performance position 2 x large in the front 2 x small in the rear lower cradle positions I thought they fitted inside the old bushes? These ones just squash the old bush up is that correct? I've had a search but cant find all the info I need reliably, any help appreciated.. Just hoping someone could help me out with a quick couple questions regarding whether this pineapple setup would suit me best Im putting a shimmed R200 in this weekend and figured I'd chuck some pineapples in at the same time -180sx mild worked, daily driven with some sprint days and drift events 'Two large rings in the front lower position and two small rings in the rear lower position' So this keeps the diff angle the same as stock? I dont want it to be any more tail happy than it is already Is there any 'noticeable' difference in quality between them? Cut or uncut is either better? I guess cut would suit me because Im not removing subframe? Would $60 new for the set be a good price? (not sure of quality shock systems ones) Cheers
  12. That's how the Kiwi's do it.. Choice!!!
  13. EBC pads cheap sponsor

    yea man thats it cheers, jeez i must be going blind
  14. EBC pads cheap sponsor

    Yea i've been thinking about getting the QFM A1RM pads they're $238 for front and rears is that a good price? and I like to support local business, I know EBC are never 'cheap' but there was someone selling them on here for relatively cheap just cant find the post maybe its been removed.. The problem is I'm going to upgrade the brakes in the near future to 4 pots R33 so do I really want to spend the money on good expensive pads when im only going to do 1 maybe 2 track days before I dont need them.. ahh nothing is ever simple pm sent to midnight mods
  15. As topic says I been searching for sooo long and now its late and Im over it.. I Know there is a sponsor on here somewhere selling EBC pads cheap with a full price list listed but I cant find it again, unless its been removed can someone please point me in the right direction?