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    Am after weights/bench press around Parramatta area. Let me know if anyones wanting to offload.
  2. !Hail Warning!

    How about the Chester Hill/Sefton area? Got light rain but nothing too serious at the moment.
  3. So there are no issues (such as on the s15 with the piping fouling the LHS foglight) with the s13/180sx kit fitting behind a Type X front bar? You didn't have to remove the front bar? Did you have to trim anything? Thanks, Andrew The S13/180 kits are only being completed today (just waiting for the silicone hose shipment to arrive). The S13/180 kits are very easy to install. I installed one myself in under 2 hours on a type X and didn't even have to remove the front bumper. Greg
  4. - http://www.nismo.co.jp/en/products/competition/clutch/lineup.html
  5. lightened flywheel ups and downs?

    I think I have an imbalance caused due to a lightened flywheel at the moment (vibrations at certain RPMS in gear). Would changing the flywheel back to stock (or close to stock) weight resolve the issue?
  6. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted BE.53.RK, white S15 this morning at Lidcombe station.
  7. Anyone have any updates of how the s13/180sx kits are fitting up? Any major issues? Pics?
  8. Christmas Cruise!

    Looks like you guys had a good cruise Disappointed I couldn't stick around for the cruise.
  9. NSW Spotted Thread

    Drove behind a black S14a with Vertex kit down Woodville Road and through Chester Hill.
  10. So anyone have recent experience with the new HSD TT's? Looking to replace my Tein Superstreets on my 180sx with them (for better height adjustability) but would love for them to be as comfortable as possible?
  11. oOOooooooooooooooooooooooOOOffttt fighhtttttt Tough S13 The_Hunster
  12. N/a's are a bit more sensitive to the diameter and design of an exhaust system. Going too big/small or having a poor design can definitely make you lose torque and power. For maximum performance you should be trying to achieve the maximum scavenging effect with minimal back pressure.
  13. Like others have said; resonator or mid-muffler.
  14. Gearbox Problem

    What's the best way to remedy this problem?