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  1. We've just released a scoop on the exterior and interior shots for the coming FT-86. They look legitimate from the actual Brochure Read here to find out more with translations. http://www.7tune.com/scoop-ft-86-jdm-brochure-spy-shots-leaked/
  2. WTAC 2011

    Just a little burnout action I shot from after the final for the drift comp on Saturday. So glad I went out there to see it. Mad Mike is a f**king mad kent and the rotor was off tits.
  3. Rising Sunday and 7Tune

    Yeah and you should keep it where it is. On Topic.
  4. http://www.7tune.com...-sunday-part-1/ This event was ( and is ) awesome and if you are in WA, get behind these guys and support the growth of something very significant for car enthusiasts - the event basically went off without a single incident and yet the cops were there, waiting like wild dogs on a hunt, pulling random people over in unmarked cars and defecting drivers on the spot for quite frankly, deceptive, disreputable reasons. I don't care what they have to say in their defense on why they specifically targeted performance car enthusiasts - the fact remains, the cars aren't dangerous and all they are trying to do is take as much money as their greedy hands can clutch. The difference is they can't use this media to spread their lies and fear-mongering. Absolutely disgraceful, WAPOL. Please feel free to write to me if you're reading this, WAPOL. I'd love to discuss this with you. adam@7tune.com
  5. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    won't happen... Kimi left F1 I believe because he just got pissed off with the politics behind it... his not going to want to chase the same lost cause again... Bild has always been pretty reliable... They aren't the types to just talk shit...
  6. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Did you see this SHIT? http://motorsport.nextgen-auto.com/Raikkonen-to-replace-Webber-at-Red-Bull-report,26507.html
  7. When was the last time you saw THIS..?

    Fark, that looks EPIC.
  8. When was the last time you saw THIS..?

    You're kidding? This car - even considering it's getting hammered and drifted to f**k in Europe - is still in better condition that 100% of CommonDoors in Oz...
  9. When was the last time you saw THIS..?

    Not a wagon...
  10. When was the last time you saw THIS..?

    Wagon? Don't you mean, never? This a pro build V8 specifically for drift. I can't explain how amazed a car like this actually exists in Europe - and it's not driven by an Aussie with 10 of his mates hanging out the window with VB's in their hands.
  11. When was the last time you saw THIS..?

    Here's another angle from our friends at drifted.com
  12. I'm just gonna leave this here. One of our guys in Germany went to the Drift Pre-Party for 24 Hour race at the Nurburgring with some friends from Falkan and THIS is one of the cars that was there... Anyone keen on building a VK wagon drifter after seeing this? FULL POST HERE
  13. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    contracts in F1 are like toilet paper... hahahaha
  14. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Have a close look at the replay. You can see JB jink left when he realizes LH is there.. "What was he doing?" he said. On the contrary, what were YOU doing, JB? Webber behind The Finger... It's a carbon copy of last years quali...
  15. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    At Red Bull they have to engineer Webber to be slower. I highly doubt that is happening... However I reckon Webber should just do Kimi Raikkonen... park his car in the pits, get out, get changed in shorts, go to the fridge, ice cream and troll... looks like there's a bit of bad sportsmanship going in the McLaren camp, Button was lucky to get out of that little "Vettel in Turkey last year spec" bingle in one piece... Haha, Webber is cool but he's not an Iceman. And yes, Button was SUPER lucky to get away with that weaving - SO damn clear he moved across to block Hamstrings and as if you can come out the other side and tell the world you, "...didn't see him". Flat out liar. Anyway, he won it from the back of the grid and I can forgive him that load of bullshit he spoke after taking the win the way he did.