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  1. Have you tried both? I had the Australian ones, they're not soft once you lower them to within an inch of the lowest setting (which everyone on this forum would), perhaps the shock bottoms out?
  2. Superstreets and BCs will only feel 'comfortable' compared to what you're used to. They are not comfortable at all unless you live in a suburb with no potholes, speedbumps or train crossings. I had superstreets and I hated them, they were harsh. As already said, there is no way you can have your car really low, handle well, and ride acceptably. Given that you're looking for comfort, as already mentioned, springs are the way to go because they're progressive rate and can be matched to decent shocks like Koni or Bilstein that will properly control the spring.
  3. There are lots of quiet exhaust systems around: - Apexi N1 Evo, Fujitsubo Legalis R, Trust PEII, HKS Silent Hi-Power, Nismo Spec-pro, Kakimoto Regu, the list goes on... just about every jap parts manufacturer made one. I've heard most of these and none of them drone, all are perfectly fine for daily driving. Just stay on the lookout for one secondhand.
  4. KillaBee suspension

    I recall reading about Killabee in a HPI issue last year... said they were popular as a cheap alternative in Japan. They're not totally unknown, have been around for a while...
  5. The stock dump/front pipe combination is less than 2" in some parts, hence why it's restrictive. The GKtech one will fit onto your existing turbo without a problem. This is a very easy and simple modification, stop stressing and don't waste money on expensive Japanese dump pipes. The GKtech dump/front pipe combo will be fine for you, and will bolt onto all your existing hardware.
  6. Changing Springs

    Yes, I reckon KYB Excel-Gs will be good for you. They will be more comfortable than stock shocks, because they'll be new, and not worn out. Probably a new set of those with 2nd hand stock springs will be the best option. The ride only feels harsh on stock S15s now because the original shocks are wearing out on most. Don't get Bilstein or Koni if you want something soft. The KYBs will be much softer.
  7. Changing Springs

    Stock springs will work fine with your shocks. Those Nismo ones are rebranded KYB and i'm fairly sure they'd have the same stroke length as the stock ones. The springs you have are probably only 20mm lower than factory though, so the stock ones will raise the car about that much. Probably easiest to keep an eye out for a complete set of stock struts, then sell your nismo stuff in one go. You'll get a better price that separating springs and shocks.
  8. +1, compliance plates taken off a crashed ADM S14 and put onto a JDM S15 so it never had to go through compliance. The S15 might still be an okay car though, just not very legal.
  9. 1997 Type x

    12k is not expensive for that car. To the people saying 'I bought one five years ago for that much', they haven't gone down in price, and they won't go down in price, because they're uncommon and sought after. You're not paying 12k because it's good value, you're paying it because it's a cult car everyone likes. If you want good value buy an S14. Also, 150,000kms is very low for a 14 year old car. Any 1989 ca18 with 82,000 has had it's cluster changed five times.
  10. SR20det S15 idle abit rough

    Ah yeah, I assumed you meant a little bit rough. If the engine feels like it's running on 3cyl some of the time, definitely check the coilpacks and loom!
  11. SR20det S15 idle abit rough

    - Check for vacuum leaks hoses going to the intercooler and in/out of the intake manifold (tighten all hose clamps and check for leaks) - Clean AFM with electrical cleaner - Decarbonise throttle boddy and IACV (idle control valve bolted to intake manifold - the one with a big black plastic screw on it) - Change O2 sensor - Check electrical connections for other sensors around engine bay for corrosion/damage - After all this, reset ECU by disconnecting battery and pressing the brake pedal
  12. kyb agx...what springs?

    What do you use your car for? If it's just a daily, Kings will be fine and cheaper than all those. I have them in my S15 with Bilsteins, and I think they're a good match.
  13. Clutch issues

    Also check the rubber line to the slave cylinder for cracks - piping could be expanding when it heats up. But definately try bleeding first.
  14. Are these part numbers the same for an S15?
  15. I love it when they use a trolley jack on my sill instead of the subframe; squishing the seam upwards and cracking off surrounding underbody coating.