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  1. ****NEWCASTLE TRADERS********

    Please buy it! 01 s15 non import http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?app=classifieds&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=1793
  2. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    so much love for old soarers
  3. Ill take the tail lights :-)
  4. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Nope. In the building trade
  5. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Pretty sure that black type x was my mate. You'll prob see it around maitland alot. Only got it a few months ago.
  6. James Dean Photography

    Some rad stuff dude.
  7. Super13 - IDA Wakefield Slide Videos Page 28

    Just read the whole thread, I was hoping when i got to the end it was finished. cant wait to see it fnished.
  8. ****NEWCASTLE TRADERS********

    My s15 is up for sale check it out guysSale thread
  9. Duke Nukem Forever

    The is no doubt its coming out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eARxRcOL7-s&feature=related
  10. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Yeah drove past bar beach just after it happened. grab the camera and ran down to the rocks. I was hoping id get the shots run in the herald but just got them on there website gallery
  11. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    I spotted a candy apple red s15 at sandgate yesterday arvo, I also spotted him at harvey norman at rudo, Looks pretty tidy with the paint and vertex kit. Keep seeing a blue s15 with green p's around, Actually i keep seeing alot of s15's around newcastle. Also spotted this
  12. WANT3D's S15

    I want my s15 to look this tidy, Seen it around newcastle a few times i think. Come slide it on the 9th at wakefield
  13. Varex exhaust system

    lol at all these people telling him to get rid of the varex, his spent the money on having an exhaust that he can control the volume of, why would he go buy a completely new exhaust that doesn't do this?