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  1. S13 Vert

    Got any photos and details on the forester???
  2. [NSW] Nissan Skyline R33 GTST 1995

    Still for sale buddy??
  3. Seems like they're all in SA...wonder how they all ended up down there? Id be interested to know how many were actually sold in Oz just out of curiousity
  4. Hey guys, Ive been recently taking a friend to look for an S14...he always wanted one and who could blame him with that lovely SR20DET power. But there really dont seem to be many left floating around and the ones that are well not in exactly pristine condition. Where have they all gone? Not to mention you don't see many of them gracing our streets.
  5. Still got these? What would you recommend for s14 in the 17 inch?
  6. Ride a bike to work! Its faster for me to ride a pushy than drive the car it also means i save on Gym membership as I get my exercise morning and night. 12kms to work and 12kms back. Takes me about 25-30 minutes. Driving takes about 45-1hr 20. Stop being fat and jump on a bike Im lucky if I fill up the car once a month Use the SR for fun One of my mates rides from Bondi to Liverpool Everyday, thats amost 40kms. hes damn fit and takes him about 75mins.
  7. Yeah, sorry forgot to mention, tried the 02 sensor trick. Doesnt seem to make a difference and it actually looks pretty new Yeah Ill go over her again tomorrow and see if anything shows up. Ill have a look at the BOV - probably best to get rid of that its only cop bait
  8. Hey muski thanks; I know where it is, I was wondering if you can use a multimeter to test it or not or something like that? Lol sick of buying new parts, its killing me and second hand is a bit of a risk.
  9. The old Plugs looked in good shape when I pulled them out the other week.
  10. Doesnt blow a huge amount of smoke and doesnt burn any oil. Oil looked pretty clean last change. No havent changed the ignitor. How do you test your ignitor??? I thought Ignitors tend to show they were failing when they got hot and worked well when cold
  11. Hey Guys, Hey Guys Ive got a 96 200sx and I need your help. So far in order to get rid of a misfire I have: 1. put in new plugs, 2.full service, 3.changed the coils, 4.replaced the MAF, 5.tidyed up some butchered wiring by the previous owner. 6.Cleaned the Injectors 7.Bought a consult cable but it doesnt seem to work? ( Cheap chinese I guess, thats what you get) 8. Took it to the mechanic and he couldnt work it out. What it does: The car still misfires like crazy around 2000-3000 rpm and sounds like a popping. She hesitates massively, There is also a smell of fuel too Fuel consumption has dropped from around 600kms a tank to 440kms. After about 15 - 20mins driving the missing goes away and the car drives perfectly. Any ideas whats going on?
  12. Hit and run on my car

    Ps a slide hammer and a tin of bog and a days work could fix that without to much trouble. I'd be looking at whoever was parked opposite looks like they reversed into your car: tow bar or ute tray.
  13. Hit and run on my car

    I had someone side swipe my ute the other day out front of my house in lane cove. Fortunately I have a nice solid steel tray on the back and I think they left more of their car behind. So to ruin them I wrote a massive sign telling them that karma would get them and hung it high up the telegraph pole and got the mirror they left behind and tied it up to a tree as a nasty reminder. Hehehe if it's a neighbour it'll make them feel bad every day they drive past. Haha and guess what someone left $200 in my letterbox the other day with a sorry note.
  14. Price : $20 Condition : Used Hey guys, Got wheels to suit 4x100 stud pattern came off my gem and some Liberty wheels and new tyres http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Subaru-Liberty-Wrx-Wheels-And-Newish-Tyres-/170820472643?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item27c5b18f43 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/16-Inch-Wheels-And-Tyres-Gemini-Toyota-Nissan-/170820475295?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item27c5b1999f