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  1. So last couple weeks been going to Crown Casino in the gamblers section for the first time in 20 years. A mate of mine insisted we play Baccarat, so after a an hour of learning how to play and watching closely I decided to play. $15 buy in table which turned into $400, pretty pleased with that. After that went and played more, for fun of course! Lost a little but wasn't a big deal ($50 loss) I know it's addicting and I set a limit to my self, put my cash in my car and walk in with what I'd be happy to lose with if I did, and not to get greedy is the best way I play. So who goes and plays? Either for fun or professional? What games do you play? I don't know how to play poker, or roulette or anything else but baccarat lol. What's your biggest win? What's your biggest lose? Who can't play at all because you get addicted? One of my best mates went in for the first time as well and couldn't leave, he had to come out with something even after losing heaps.
  2. Hey so I am having weird noises coming from the engine. As before I thought it was injectors, but after taking it out for a spin I have come to another conclusion. Lifters need bleeding/adjusting. My mechanic won't bleed them for me because he still thinks they are injectors, which I highly doubt because it's louder then what injectors sound like!! I searched through here to find any topics, "Bleeding lifters" "Adjusting lifters" Etc but didn't find any. Also looked on google but there was no thorough explanation. I know the method of taking them out, submerging in oil and pumping on it until no bubbles start to form, then reinstalling them in. Is that all? Just remove, pump, install? Or have I missed something? I also read that you can adjust them, but only if they are adjustable lifters. Is the sr20 adjustable? Or manual bleeding required? Would it help if I uploaded a video for you to hear the noise or?
  3. Battery dying.

    I would be leaving the meters on there for longer to check that something doesn't spike after a longer connection. 50mA won't drain a battery in a week unless it is a tiny thing. Also what brand of battery? This. 15 seconds isn't enough. When I do current draw tests I leave it for at least half hour or more. You won't ever get to 0.00 Amps Anything above 0.050 would be considered excessive current draw and a continuous drain would be present if it hasn't dropped close to 0.00 after 30+ mins
  4. What place does dashboard flocking etc etc?

    http://www.dashoriginal.com.au/ http://www.willshire.com.au/ If that fails, you could possibly send your dash to Dash Doctor, or Doctor Dash in Melbourne, Coburg.

    This made my day in Japan!
  6. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    $1000 manual SR 13. 16x8+0 dynamics. B-Wave rear. Tinted tails. Custom Digital Cluster swap. HKS intake pipe + filter. +Lots more. Roadworthy completed + Registered. Future plans. Coilovers after japan (July+) Shave, tuck, tub bay. Depending on funds and if I do keep it for good. SR20DET - Aiming for 250-300kw on E85 or injected gas. Chase bays loom. Brake upgrade. Before and after pic.
  7. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    ^Yep there is about that many tutorials.. On the KA24 engine/loom. Unfortunatly nothing for SR/CA. Had to make my own diagram. Thanks! Must be a blury photo! Thread contact is full. Looking at extended studs either way!

  9. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    Not much of an update. -16x8-0 dynamics on. Finished the cluster surround and fit that in. Waiting on coilovers and some other shit.
  10. 18x11 +20 Rears?

    www.rimtuck.com Have a look on there.
  11. 180sx Headlights - good, bad and ugly.

    Oh, Oh, right.. Well ok. He didn't specifically state light output..
  12. 180sx Headlights - good, bad and ugly.

    Just some of the ones I really love!
  13. Weird shit happening.

    Windscreen wipers won't turn off. Driver side window won't go up/down. Now this is how it all happened. I was testing my battery and alternator. Tested every thing fine, then disconnected the negative terminal on the battery and put it back on. As soon as I put it on the wipers started disco dancing and driver side window stopped working. Also my alarm went kaboom while I was at it. Battery had 13V when switched off, 17V when the car is on. Might have put the negative on and too much power went in and f**ked something up. Tried everything. Fuses keep blowing for the wipers after 30 seconds or so. Alarm fuse keeps blowing. No idea wtf is going on with my window. Everything worked fine before this. No problems at all. Can anyone help?
  14. hardtuned hoodies

    Why would it matter anyways? They're a quality hoodie. Had my previous style hoodie since release date and it's still going strong. No rips, no tears, colors have only just started to fade and mind you I wear and wash it all the time.
  15. things that annoy you

    Probably been said but "Fanboys" Really, really irritates me.
  16. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    Here's the engine bay. i didn't paint it. Bought the car like this. Still getting used to it.
  17. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    With the style I'm going for it may suit. Looks funky/weird at the moment. I'll decide after it's complete. I recently did a cluster swap, used an NX1600 digital cluster and re wired the cluster loom. There was no diagrams or tutorials online and the couple I did find were for the american version. Completely different. Spent 6 hours on it including trimming the inside of the dash and wiring. Pretty f**king happy. Here's a pic.
  18. CA18-Sr20 gbox question.

    Hey guys, had a quick look online about this and I may have found a couple answers. Not completely sure so I thought I'd ask on here to confirm it. The question was, will a CA18DET gbox fit an SR20 engine. I got my answer to be, yes with the SR bell housing swapped over and speedo. Then I read I don't need to swap speedo, only bell housing. Just to confirm, do I need to replace speedo sensor? Also will the CA turbo gearbox fit non turbo SR20? What do people think of the CA box compared to the SR box? I heard that the ratios are pretty much the same except 3rd is a bit higher on the CA. I've also heard CA box is a bit stronger, but I can't see why? Thanks!
  19. I've always given them the month and year I registered it in my name. Oh and on the topic of getting out of the vehicle, I always get out. There's an old trick that police will feel superior looking down at you and getting out of the car standing up gives you a better chance of leaving with nothing. Another good trick is to pull into a side street off a busy road or into a car park. I was asked why I didn't immediatly stop and kept driving into a car park which I replied, So you aren't standing in traffic where you could get injured. Checks license and off I went. Common courtesy goes a long way in the law.

    As stated. WTB. Cupholders/arm rest for S13. Black or Brown, don't matter. MUST be all intact. NO rips. NO broken tabs. Same as pic attached.
  21. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    Haven't been here in a while. Not much has changed. Fitted the B wave on, cleaned up the car quite a bit, tinted "Clear" tails. After my trip to China>Japan I will start to do more work on it but for the moment it stays like this. Here's some pics.
  22. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

  23. "Dirteen" - Daily SR manual.

    ..It's the same car minus 1 turbo. Anyways, DE+T later on, for now roady, huge alignment, get rid of the gay boss kit/quick release and roady.
  24. PIC OF THE DAY! Discussion ENCOURAGED!

    YES!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Brilliant! Also LOL!! @ guitar gif!
  25. Any Vapors on NS?

    Tried them once, they sucked ass. Got a handful of them at home that I tested out. I quit since 5 weeks ago cold turkey.