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  1. new upgrade

    if you could get an upgrade what would it be???
  2. Newcastle Girls?

    Any girls from Newcastle or the Valley want to meet up for a cruise some time?
  3. panel beater in Newcastle/ Valley

    i managed to smack my baby and need a good panel beater, it will go through insurance so they don't have to be cheap, just good.
  4. panel beater in Newcastle/ Valley

    thanks guys x
  5. Newcastle Girls?

    sorry it has been so crazy at work atm! lets look at maybe doing sometyhing in the new year, i am hospitality so Sunday is not so good for me, unless it's day time then i can start at 5pm ish ! lol let me know your thoughts?
  6. Photo of your ride

    when is the next one? maybe i should come with you?
  7. Newcastle Girls?

    ok cool lets organise it!
  8. my 200 sx s14

    Why has it suddenly become acceptable for you guys to post rubbish in a GIRLS ONLY SECTION...can you not read or are you all retarded?
  9. my 200 sx s14

    it would need that much power to get it to move those wheels would weigh a tonne... anyway boys we really don't care...
  10. Photo of your ride

    is it slightly darker? look at you getting your slide on !!!
  11. Wanna meet people with hot cars

    the problem is we are all so spread out...
  12. My wheels got stolen...

    What's wrong with bronze? ...I have in the past been told my car looks like a german shepard hehehe
  13. My wheels got stolen...

    in case you are unfamiliar with it, it's called an LMGT4...
  14. Photo of your ride

    Some new pics in the vines...
  15. My wheels got stolen...

    Hey! they are real...and were expensive i will have you know!!!
  16. My wheels got stolen...

    Shit!...that's awful, i really need to put lock nuts on mine...hope you get them back
  17. Introduce Yourself

    Hey we should do a Newcastle and central coast girls meet up!
  18. wakefield.. all cars...

    i am pretty sure we stayed at rthe country comfort last time we wnt and it was really nice and cheap...
  19. wakefield.. all cars...

    Got the car back...she is all good! Cost me a fortune but all good so i will be there! Sould have one more Skyline R32 also so with me so what do you guys need me to do?
  20. wakefield.. all cars...

    2nd of November is a Tuesday! If my car is not f**ked i will come, who is going the night before and staying there? I have been once before and stayed at a hotel down there...have to think which one it was, it was really nice and pretty cheap. Hey i might have a few friends who might come too...
  21. Whos who in newy

    wish i could come but will have to work this weekend for sure, have only just started new job! Not sure what days off i have next week but i have a friend who lives in coffs harbour!
  22. NSW Girl Cruise

    I am in Cessnock atm staying with my Grannies until the boyfriend gets up here (which is today), then we will be moving out somewhere nice in the surrounding area.
  23. Whos who in newy

    I personally quite like all this talk of drifting all the time...makes me want to get sideways proper styles!...
  24. Photo of your ride

    wow is that the same car?...
  25. Whos who in newy

    I don't really know what happened there!...